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10 Anti-Ageing Tips

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Regardless of what happens in life there’s one thing we can guarantee – we’re all going to age! When I was really young preventing lines and wrinkles wasn’t exactly at the forefront of my mind. I had more important things to think about like preventing spots or trying out new makeup looks. However, once I started beauty school that all changed. We would have anti-ageing advice drilled into us day in, day out. Now I’m a lot older I’m so grateful because I took everything onboard and still to this day people I meet look shocked when I tell them my age. When I look in the mirror I don’t really see it myself, but it happens so often that I have to believe it. If what they say is true, it’s either down to good genes or the following advice….

10 Anti-Ageing Tips

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Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice daily

If you’re a regular reader you must be fed up of me saying this by now, but it really is the key to helping prevent lines and wrinkles and to having beautiful, healthy looking skin. Don’t forget to use a good eye cream too!

Look after your neck

So many of my clients used to tell me they didn’t put any creams on their neck! Seriously, what’s that all about? Have you ever looked at an old person’s neck? Even when they are botoxed and fillered up to the max, the neck always gives the game away. When it comes to this area prevention really is better than cure. Make sure you include this area in your daily routine.

Use SPF all year round

Most people probably assume we should only use SPF on a hot summers day, but the truth is the sun can damage our skin all year round. To avoid premature ageing and wrinkles apply an SPF of at least 15 whenever you go outside. You’ll be protecting it from all types of weather, including the cold and wind. My current favourite product for this is La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dry Touch Gel.

Use a body lotion daily

It’s not just the skin on our face that ages. Look for a moisturiser that helps to tone, repair and nourish the skin on your body to help prevent saggy skin.

Eat well

Some foods are proven to combat the ageing process. My favourite is tomatoes. They’re packed with Vitamin C which helps skin to build collagen. I eat baby plum tomatoes like they’re sweets! I just love them so much. Others include berries which help cell renewal and avocados which are anti-ageing due to something called glutathione. Another fave of mine is oranges – again for the Vitamin C. I used to have a massive picture of a beautiful lady and some oranges in the salon (it was for a Vitamin C Collagen Facial that I offered) and this was such a good reminder to eat oranges as often as I can!

Avoid sunbeds

I’ve never used a sunbed and never will. They’re so bad for your skin, and this is another thing they drill into you when you study beauty therapy via NVQ. What might seem like a short-term fix for a golden glow will lead you to a one way ticket to skin like Madge from Benidorm in the long run. Try using fake tan instead. My personal favourite is Self Tan Express Mousse by St Tropez.

Protect your face in the sun

It’s a good idea to keep your face in the shade where possible, after all as I said previously – you can easily fake your tan, but how are you going to undo a load of lines and wrinkles? It’s just not worth it. Who wants a face that looks like an old leather handbag? Not me for sure!

Don’t smoke

There’s nothing like a good cigarette to reduce your collagen and deplete your body of Vitamin C. When it comes to ageing, smoking really is the worst! Constant puckering of those lips will lead to lines too. If you don’t believe me, have a look at someone who’s been smoking for years. You’ll see exactly what I mean.

Drink alcohol in moderation

Excessive drinking can definitely lead to premature ageing of the skin. It’s so dehydrating and can lead to  diminished collagen, a complexion that looks sallow and dilated blood vessels. This is never going to be good.

Be aware of facial expressions

I always thought this one was a little over the top, but still the people that teach this stuff have a point. Just like when a smoker ends up with lines around their mouth, someone that constantly frowns will undoubtedly get more lines in certain areas. I guess the same could go for smiling too though, so maybe we’ll just stop right here….

What do you think of the anti-ageing tips I learnt at beauty school? Could they be true, or is younger looking skin simply down to good genes?

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