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Acne | The Problems Only People With Spots Understand

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Everyday I feel thankful that I found a cure for my acne, but will never forget how awful it was when I was when I had it. Looking back, it’s quite shocking how much having spots can impact on a persons life. I know this post is kinda depressing in a way, but as I write about acne quite a lot, I just wanted to say to all those people suffering – I get what you’re going through….


Here’s some of the things that annoyed me the most!

My face felt really sore 

By far one of the worst things is how much spots can hurt sometimes. It might sound trivial to some, but pain of any kind is never a good thing, and will probably make you feel agitated, even if you don’t realise it!

The time it took to apply make-up

Oh my goodness. Who wants to spend hours on end trying to cover up spots, day after day. Annoying. I mean, really, really annoying.

Stupid spots that won’t be covered

No matter how hard you try, there are some that just will not be covered. You can apply layer, upon layer of concealer, foundation and powder, but the redness remains. It seems like your make-up is instantly sliding off.

The fear of someone seeing you without make-up on

Letting someone see your bare face with all those lumps and bumps and red marks seems like risky business. Who knows what their reaction might be?

Feeling forced to bail on a night out with friends

The days when having spots is really getting to you, and you feel like you look so bad you can’t go out. 

Avoiding sitting under lights

When you have a good day and you go out, but feel it’s best to avoid sitting under lights, otherwise people might see how thick your make-up really is!

This is what I went through, and it has to be said that there are some really inspirational people out there who are suffering with acne right now, and they hold their heads up high. Why shouldn’t they? It’s not like having acne is a choice. I wish I didn’t let my spots get to me as much as they did, as my behaviour seems ridiculous in a way. I felt so ashamed that I had the problem, that I never really spoke to people about what I was going through. For me it just seemed easier to put on a brave face and pretend I didn’t have it. That meant spending hours applying make-up probably made me look vain, bailing on a night out with friends probably made me look bad (because I never would have told them the real reason I wasn’t going out!), and hiding my make-up free face probably made me seem weird. If only I had a crystal ball, I would’ve known that all would be well in time!


If you would like to read more about my experience of having acne, and how I cured it, check out my dedicated page here.


Can you relate to anything I’ve written today?

Carly x

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