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Blog Awards | Love or Loathe?

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Blog Awards

It’s nearly time for the Cosmo Blog Awards 2015, and it’s got me wondering – what do people really think of blog awards? It was around this time last year that I was shortlisted for ‘Best New Beauty Blog’, and I’m not gonna lie, I had a great time making new blogging friends and heading off to London for the night. I still feel really proud of getting down to the last 9 bloggers in my category, especially as there were something like 47,000 entrants overall! How did that even happen? I guess I just have a whole bunch of amazing readers that voted. So for me personally the Cosmo Blog awards have done wonders for my blog, and of course I’m a massive fan.

But what about everyone else? I’m sure many people think awards are a great way to promote new blogs and get them known. I for one would have to agree. But bloggers write for so many different reasons, that can’t be the case for us all. Personally I think blog awards are just a bit of fun, and definitely not the be-all and end-all of blogging! Blogs are whatever you want them to be, and not everyone wants a blogging career anyway. For those that do, it’s not having a blog award that will get them to where they want to be, but a whole lot of dedication, and hard work. You ask any full time blogger. They’ll soon tell you that they’re on the job 24/7!!

So what do blog awards mean to you? Do you love them? Loathe them? Or are you someone that couldn’t care less about them at all? I’m really interested to know!

On a side note – good luck to everyone shortlisted in the Cosmo Blog Awards this year. I’ll be thinking of you all on Thursday night. I was so nervous when I was there!

Carly x


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