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Blog Migration | Moving from Blogger to WordPress

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I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress about 8 months ago, and as Blog Migration seems to be a hot topic in the world of blogging at the mo, I thought I would share my own personal experience of it today. Before we start, I must point out that migrating was one of the best things I’ve done since starting my blogging journey. I hired the most amazing Web Developer, who is incredibly supportive, and created everything I asked for and more. This post isn’t about the pros and cons of moving from Blogger to WordPress, as I have written about that here. It’s an insight into what happened when I made the move, the consequences that occurred and a bit of an explanation for those of you that have been following Carly’s Beauty Blog for a long time….

Blog Migration

When I decided to delve into the world of blog migration I didn’t write a post explaining that I was going to move. I migrated my blog, changed the name and left a link on my old blog hoping that people would click through. I still get loads of traffic from it every day, but I’ve lost a few readers too. Many would have been subscribed via Google Friend Connect or my Blogger RSS Feed so I know that these have definitely gone. However, some readers have been around for a really long time, and actively searched for the new blog. If you’re one of them, I want to thank you for sticking with me all this time! It was my choice to move elsewhere, and I’m really grateful to the people that made the effort to manually subscribe after realising I was no longer there.

After moving to WordPress it became evident that changing my url was possibly a mistake, because as well as losing some readers, I also lost a load of traffic too. All my old links from other sites, the keywords that were ranking high in search engines and the browser bookmarks were now useless. This is what happens if you change your name. I knew that before I went ahead though. It was one if the concequences I expected. My main justification was that I needed to move to WordPress, and my most popular url was the one (rather than my two domain names), so if I wanted to use the WordPress platform I didn’t really have any choice. I could of kept the old domain names which were getting a fair bit of traffic, but you know what? I really fancied a change. New blog, new name and all that.

As well as losing a few readers, and a whole load of traffic after changing my url, moving from Blogger to WordPress completely messed up all my posts. Again, I must point out, this is nothing to do with the amazing web designer. Obviously if you move sites, and invest in a new design then your text and pictures need to accommodate this. Unfortunately for me mine didn’t. The consequence is that I have now had to temporarily set all my old posts to private, which is why they look a bit thin on the ground at the mo. This is horrendous for SEO, because essentially there’s hardly anything on the blog.

Sometimes I look at my ‘Shortlisted for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award in 2014’ headline under my header, and wonder if new readers ever come to the blog and wonder what on earth I was shortlisted for! If you’re one of those people, all I can say is I’ve written a lot of beauty advice in the past (from my experience of having salons), and I promise you I did work really hard. You just can’t see it right now. The same goes for the people that have searched for my acne and skincare advice etc. I can see what people search for, and the posts are still here, I just need some time to sort them all out.

I made the decision to make my old posts private because they don’t look how they should. The pictures are out of line, as is the text. Often there are no spaces in the posts anymore, with the writing all bunched up together, and the only way to fix it is to change the html. My old Google Analytics code is spread out across the bottom of every post, so that needs to be deleted. Every day I start work and wonder where my priorities lie. Do I write new content, or do I fix my old posts? The good news is I have been slowly adjusting and re-publishing them all, one by one. It’s just taking up a lot of my time. At the moment I’m really looking forward to when it’s all sorted, and I can get back into a proper blogging schedule. I’m working together with lots of brands and the plan is that around the beginning of April I’ll blogging a whole lot more. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this! (I’ve just got to go on a cheeky little holiday first, then I’ll be back!).

Anyway, If you’re thinking about moving to a different platform, or changing your url, hopefully this post gives you an idea of what can happen. Of course, this is just my own personal experience, and my advice is to speak to your Web Designer and weigh up the pros and cons. If you’re someone who’s well established and built up a lot of traffic it might not be worth changing your url. Despite everything, for me it was still one of the best things I’ve done. Would I do it all again if I was given the chance? Definitely. I love how my blog looks now.

What do you think about blog migration? Is it something you would like to do? If you’re a loyal reader of my blog, did you wonder what was going on?

Carly x


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