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Carly Susanne - Carly's Beauty BlogDon’t you just hate the word normal? A word that sometimes suggests anything else is not right. Well, when it comes to body hair I’ve seen it all, and today I’m going to be talking about what’s considered normal, what the average women has (from my experience) and what can be done about it. I might even use examples from myself just to prove a point. I must be mad! So, in an attempt to help anyone who’s unsure about their body hair I shall now discuss the ‘norm’. (I’m joking by the way – there is no norm, but there are common hair growth patterns).

Hair on the top of your feet and toes
About 98% of my clients had hair on the top of their feet and toes. This is so common that I included these areas in any leg wax treatment purchased in my salons. Despite this a lot of people were very freaked out about it and thought it was just them! Some hairs were light, some were dark. I think it annoyed the girls with dark hair more, but they often had the most gorgeous brown skin and a lovely thick head of hair to go with it. Jealous? Me? Of course! Would I swap? Yes I would. I don’t have hairs on the top of my feet, but I do have some blonde ones on my toes when I haven’t waxed them.

Bikini line hair that goes beyond your bikini line
When I first started beauty school we had to look at drawings of how to wax a bikini line. I was totally mythed because in the pictures there seemed to be this hair growing down the ladies legs, and I couldn’t for the life of me understand what it was! Lucky old me, only being eighteen years old. Of course over the years I’ve come to realise that again, this is more common than not. Sometimes people get it as soon as they hit puberty and others find it develops as they get older or due to a number of conditions, such as ill health or pregnancy.

Hair on the upper lip
This is very common. Almost everyone that I’ve seen in the salon has lip hair, that is until I removed it of course! Again, I have very light, fine hairs on my upper lip. Mine’s not too bad at all, but I’m what I call ‘wax happy’. I wax almost everything – because I can. I wonder what it would be like these days, should I leave it to grow!

Hairs on your chin
This isn’t as common in younger females as it is in older ones. Unfortunately, as we get older hairs start to appear in places that they never have before. How rubbish!

Hairs on the cheeks
Again, this isn’t as common as upper lip hair, but a lot of people still have it. I would say that the hairs on the sides of my cheeks are slightly thicker than average. I know that sounds odd, but because I’m fair I seem to have a layer of downy hair on many parts of my body! No-one else would probably notice, but being a beautician I’m very aware of it at times, especially in the summer.

Obviously hair grows all over our bodies, varies from person to person and can be effected by so many conditions. Some choose to get rid of it, and others embrace their natural look. There is no right or wrong, but if it bothers you there are many ways it can be removed. One of which is waxing, and I used to wax all of these areas mentioned above on a daily basis at my salon.

Other methods of hair removal include sugaring, electrolysis, epilation, laser, intense pulse light and threading. Personally I think it is always best to go to a professional because they are trained in hair types and growth patterns. Removing hair the wrong way can alter how the hair grows causing all-sorts of long term problems.

There are many other common areas that I haven’t mentioned in this post today, but I’ve focused on the ones that were talked about the most in the salon. The truth is, hair can pop up anywhere on the body and I honestly can’t think of an area that I haven’t waxed. It’s all part of the job. Including the old back, sack and crack wax. That’s a question I always get asked!

What do you think about body hair? Is it something that should be discussed, or is this topic better off left behind closed doors? Please leave your comments in the box below.

Carly x


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  • Thank you for sharing this post! 🙂

    I think it should be discussed, so many younger girls get so worried about it, I know I sure did!

    • Ohhhh hello Nicola. I wasn't sure if I would get any comments on this post! I think you're right, and now I'm glad I've written it. Thank you. X

  • I'm glad you've wrote this post, I definitely think hair growing in the not so typical places like legs, underarm etc should be spoke about more and then maybe people wouldn't feel so embarrassed about it.
    I recently had my cheeks waxed after years & years of it bothering me but I was too embarrassed to actually ask for it done in fear that I was a 'crazy hairy beast' and the beautician had never had anyone actually ask for it.

    Belle x Part of Belle's world

    • I'm really surprised that your beautician had never been asked to do it because I used to have regulars for this treatment, and definitely did at least one a week. You're definitely not a crazy hairy beast Belle, that's for sure! Xxxx

  • I definitely think it should be discussed. I wished it had been when I was younger. Do you think waxing or shaving is best for the fine facial hair on your cheeks and under chin hair? or plucking??

    • Hi Beth. Given the choice I think waxing is best because it pulls the hairs out from the root, so when they grow back it's in their natural state. This means that the ends of the hair are like a fine point, so they feel softer and are not as visible. Plucking gives the same results, but it's very time consuming to pull out every hair and very hard to remove all of the fine hairs. Waxing is quick and you should get perfect results. Shaving gives such a blunt cut that the hairs are more visible and therefore may appear darker. They will also feel horrible to touch and will appear to grow back quicker because you have only cut the hair to the surface of the skin, whereas plucking and waxing removes the hair from a much lower layer. My first choice would be waxing, followed by plucking and shaving last (if you must!). Xxx

  • Thanks for sharing this post! I was wondering why my bikini line was starting to grow past my bikini area haha! 😛

    • Lmao Felicity. Thanks for reading. : ) xxxx

  • What a brilliant post carly! Body hair is a topic that us girls shy away from discussing but its such a major part of most of our beauty regime and all of us have it lol xxxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

    • Thanks Laura. That's so true. Xx

  • Thank you for telling us about the commonness of chin hair. I started to have some about 4 years ago and I think it's gross! I'm one of those dark brown haired and skin girls you would swap with heheh!

    • I'm so jealous! I would def swap! Ha ha. Xx

  • I love that you shared this post.
    xx, Michelle

    • Thanks Michelle. X

  • My girlfriends & I used to call shaving foot hair "the toe to bump swipe". lol Thanks for the post. It's cool to read it coming from a professional.

    • That's funny Natalie! I'm glad that I've had such a positive response to this post. There will be many more like it, so watch this space! Xxxx

  • What a great post! There's too much focus on being perfect and normal when in fact everyone is just fabulous as they are!

    Anoushka xx

    • I couldn't agree more Anoushka. : )

  • I heard a female comedian once say that after 40, your eyebrows disappear and reappear on your chin. How true

    • Lol! I have hardly any eyebrows as it is! Hairs def pop up in unexpected places as you get older that's for sure!

  • This was interesting to read 🙂 I have light hairs on my toes, I plucked one once and it was soo painful haha I've just left it!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    • Thank you. I must say, I'm not a great fan of plucking hairs individually. Like you say -far too painful sometimes. I much prefer to wax them all off in one go. : )

  • Great post Carly! It's so refreshing to read something like this as it is almost a taboo subject, and like you said it's so common so we shouldn't be so embarrassed! I have hair everywhere, all the places you mentioned! I hate it! I've always felt like I'm hairier than any of my friends too. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one!
    Rosy xxx

  • I definitely think it's a good thing to talk about, people need to realise they aren't weird or odd if they have hair in normal places! The feet one does bother me the most, but it is blonde so not noticeable if I forget to remove it!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    • Ah yes, it's always a bonus if it's blonde. Xx

  • I remember as a teen being obsessed with body hair and would shave and spend ages doing it now Im a grown up with a family I seem to have so little time and wish someone had given me good advice about body hair when i was younger. its a personal choice so yes I have the odd long piece of facial hair and it no longer worries me too much lol

    • I think that's great Debbie. Life is so much easier if we relax a little. Sometimes things can seem so much worse than they really are, especially when you're a teenager! : )

  • Ohhhhh when your young you don't know what is to come and how hair seems to spread out in areas! i went on a medication and it made my hair in the bikini area spread like wildfire, i hate it with a passion, but that said i understand there are people that suffer much worse issues with hair then me and for women it can feel like such and embarrassing problem that only you have. Like you say people don't really discuss it so it seems tabu that we have issues with excess hair, when in reality most women by the time the have got into their 30's start to have issues with body hair in one sense or another and in different degrees that all feel very personal to them!

    • Exactly Rebecca. It's so true. These youngsters don't know what they've got coming! (Lol!). : )
      It's a good job there are many solutions. x