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Recently I’ve rediscovered my love for Paul Mitchell Hair Care, and it’s evoked nostalgic memories of my first job in a hairdressers. I was 15 years old when first introduced to the brand and I can honestly say I adored being surrounded by lots of bottles of what I can only describe as heaven. It made shampooing and conditioning clients hair exciting. I know that might sound ridiculous to some, but it’s this kind of thing that really makes me tick. I just love products, and at the time I was only young. Can you imagine how a beauty junkie feels when they suddenly have access to a whole load of high-end hair care? I just couldn’t get enough, and enjoyed every minute of trying everything in their range. The best thing was, the salon made sure I was trained in it too. Ever since I’ve always been pretty passionate about Paul Mitchell as a brand, and here’s why….

Paul Mitchell

The Conditioner: Courtesy of Paul Mitchell


Paul Mitchell is a company that’s been around for a very long time. 35 years to be precise. They’re industry experts that not only create the most gorgeous high quality products that work incredibly well, but have amazing values too. This is a brand that cares about people, the planet and animals as well. Animal testing? Forget it. They’re totally against that. When it comes to looking after others, Paul Mitchell believe it’s really important to give back. It’s embedded in their culture, underpinning the organisation’s values and everything they do.

When it comes to luxury hair care it doesn’t get much better than this, and I’m chuffed to bits that I’ve been given the opportunity to try out Paul Mitchell products all over again. Some are completely new to me, but many have been part of the collection for years. One of those is The Conditioner, featured in the picture above. This lovely product doubles up as a moisturiser for the skin, and is designed to be left on. You apply the smallest amount when it’s damp, give it a comb and hey presto – you now have moisturised hair! Your locks will improve in texture and have a barrier that’s going to stop it from becoming dry. The conditioner smells fresh and ingredients include awapuhi, white ginger and algae. It’s one of those products everyone should have in their cupboard. I find it especially useful if I have a knot in my hair. Rather than brush it out, I’ll wash my hair as usual, but make sure I condition with this. I pay special attention to the knot, and by the time I’ve dried it, it’s gone. The Conditioner helps a knot to untangle with no fuss. It’s like you never knew it was there. It’s also perfect for those that have a dry, itchy scalp. Sometimes that’s me, and again I’ll apply the tiniest amount, but this time I’ll focus on the scalp. There’s so many uses for this conditioner I could go on all day!

I’m trying out a few other hair care goodies by Paul Mitchell, so lots more posts coming soon! In the meantime don’t forget to check out their website

Have you ever tried anything from this brand?

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