Carey’s Manor Hotel & SenSpa Review

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Carey’s Manor Hotel & SenSpa, located in the New Forest, is a place that I’ve wanted to visit for quite some time now. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that a few weeks ago my wish was fulfilled, as I celebrated my birthday in this beautiful haven with my friend Alex.

From the moment we arrived, we found ourselves lounging around in robes and slippers, and that’s exactly how we remained for two days, only breaking to get dressed up for dinner on the first night. Most of our time was spent in SenSpa, which boasts luxury spa facilities, including the Large Hydrotherapy Pool, Herbal Sauna, Crystal Steam Room, Laconicum, Tepidarium, Experience Showers, Health Showers, Ice Room, Ozone Swimming Pool, Rhassoul Mud Room, Hammam Rooms, Vichy Showers, Relaxation Room, Quiet Room, Thai Temple Studio, Gymnasium, 18 Luxurious Treatment Rooms, SenSpa Boutique and Zen Garden Restaurant. As you can probably imagine, neither of us wanted to leave.

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 I have to say, SenSpa really took my breath away. This Thai inspired sanctuary has the most beautiful interior I’ve seen in a long time. I loved everything about it, and you only have to look at my pictures to see what I mean. The spa is by no means small, yet every room you go in feels cosy, with a tranquil atmosphere. One thing I particularly noticed was the blissful smell of aromatherapy oils. As I was guided through several rooms by my Therapist, I was hit by scents, of what I believe to be Geranium, Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. It’s so relaxing. I couldn’t help but zone right out. By the time my Essential Relaxation massage was finished, I was in a pure state of bliss.
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As with the spa, the hotel itself does not disappoint. On arrival we were given two full sized SenSpa products each, which I thought was a lovely touch. The room we stayed in, had gorgeous interior and an outdoor patio area overlooking the garden. (Alex upgraded our room for my birthday, which I thought was really sweet). We had dinner in The Zen Garden restaurant, and breakfast in The Manor Restaurant, and the food was lovely in both.

I’m not usually a fan of old fashioned interior at all, opting for a more contemporary look every time when refurbishing my own home, but Carey’s Manor have created something quite special. They’ve mixed the two together, and I love it! I think this is the kind of place where you will discover something new each time you go, and I can’t wait to go back there and explore some more. I feel as though I’ve discovered the perfect escape.

Do you like indulging yourself at health spas? Have you ever been to Carey’s Manor? Let me know in the comments box below.

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  • Wow this place looks and sounds amazing!!!!!!!!

    • It is Julie! I can't wait to go back! xxx

  • I'd love to stay at this place! I love hanging out in places that are tranquil in decor. I'm loving that statue on the table. I might suggest a spa to the boyfriend. That'd be fun.

    • Yes! I wish my fiancé would go on a spa day with me. It's not his thing! I hope your boyfriend agrees. : )

  • I was wondering if a beautician like you would be able to zone out as you say when you havespa treatments! Do you get annoyed at others technique sometimes? I know it's not quite the same, but still.

    • Well firstly, I must say the massage I had at SenSpa was using a Swedish technique, which I'm trained in, and it was one of the best I've ever had. When I go to spas or salons I try not to let them know my background, that way I'm not putting them off! But yes, I probably do judge what they're doing. Especially if they're unprofessional. I went to one salon to have a massage, and right in the middle of it the phone rang (big no no! Put it on silent!), then she answered it (shocking!), and then…. I still can't believe it… she was on the phone for about 5-10 minutes ordering beauty supplies! She actually cut my treatment short too. Unbelievable! Lol. Xxxx

  • That place looks absolutely amazing. We have the Malvern Spa where I am, but it's not as cosy as this one seems. Awesome 🙂

    • I like the sound of the Malvern Spa! X

  • I've never been to Carey's Manor which is a shame as it's not that far away from me. I will have to make a point of visiting there soon! Holly xx

    Holly | Impatience is a Virtue | Bloglovin

    • You def should Holly. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Xxx

  • This is someone that I need to visit! It's not far and I've been wanting to go for ages

    • I hope you get to go Laura!

  • Lindsay St Alme

    It look amazing ,great photos.