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Easter Gifts

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Easter gifts don’t get much cuter than this, and I’ve been struggling not to purchase these things for myself. It’s all so adorable, and some of this stuff is on my Easter wish list every year. It’s a secret list actually, and that’s got me wondering if any of you guys have these too? You know, the ones where you imagine you have all the money in the world and you just keep adding things, like you’re going to purchase it all! Please say it’s not just me? Anyway, back to talking about Easter. I feel like I need a big box which could be kept in the loft and every Easter I could get it out and use all the goodies to decorate my house. That would be so cool. Obviously I would probably need way more than featured here, but these bits and bobs would be a great start. Why don’t I have a box like this already?….

Easter Gifts


~ Easter Gifts ~ 

Speckled Egg Decorations: Gisela | Egg Cup: Emma Bridgewater | Bunny Tea Light Holder: Yankee Candle | White Rabbit Lid Jar: John Lewis | Yellow Straw Duck : John Lewis | Speckled Eggs & Edible Grass Easter Pralines: Natalie | Milk Chocolate Mini Egg Cubes: Ambassadors of London | White Chocolate Speckled Easter Eggs: Natalie | Bunny Cake Candle: Yankee Candle


So if I did have an Easter box, what would be inside? Well, there’s the Yankee Candle Bunny Tea Light Holder which has been on my wish list for about a million years. The first time it was released it had a yellow bow, the second it was pink. I remember wishing I had one of each. Then there’s the Bunny Cake Yankee Candle. It’s pink, looks cute, and I’m sure it smells great! Yes I know what you’re thinking – I haven’t even smelt it. But it looks so good! Another item that’s been on my list for a few years is the Yellow Straw Duck. Just like the tea light holder, it’s appearance changes slightly every Easter, and this year it has a pink flower. Very sweet.

Other items include the Egg Cups by Emma Bridgewater (I already have some, but there’s always room for more), the John Lewis White Rabbit Jar and some Speckled Egg Decorations by Gisela. There’s also the Natalie Speckled Egg Pralines (which have edible grass – how cool), the Milk Chocolate Mini Egg Cubes by Ambassadors of London and the Natalie White Chocolate Speckled Easter Eggs thrown in for good measure. After all, what would Easter be with out chocolate eggs? Thinking about it, the chocolate eggs would look really good stored in the rabbit jar.

So there you have it. These are the kinda things I would like to see kicking around my house this Easter! What about yourself, are there any Easter Gifts you’re secretly wishing for?

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