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Pretty much everyone I know is on a health kick of some sort at the mo. Myself included. I’m currently on the ‘eating cake whilst losing weight’ diet. No joke. Not one to cut out food groups I decided if I eat less and move more that should do the trick. Despite not everyone agreeing with this approach, it seems to be working for me….


I’ve been enjoying chocolate fudge cake, rock cakes, rose, cocktails and eating out a lot. All whilst losing weight. I’m not really following any particular diet but there are a few things I do that ensures my method works:

Stick to eating/drinking a certain number of calories a day. I have around 1,080 calories a day, not including fruit, vegetables (excluding potatoes) and milk. I eat and drink as many of these as I like and as a rule I consume coconut milk throughout the day. If I exercise I’ll often up the amount of food I have.

Eat speed fruits/vegetables with as many meals as possible. These are foods that speed up your metabolism and by adding them to meals they do just that. If you’ve been following my Instagram Stories (@CarlySusanne) you may have seen the crazy amounts I eat. (I’ll include some examples in a typical day below).

Keep a food diary. I allocate a page to each day and I write down everything I eat, drink and any exercise I do. This ensures I stay focused on the goal. Exercise gets highlighted in yellow in a bid to encourage me to do more. (On a side note I’m very lazy when it comes to exercise so seeing any yellow in a week is good!). Speed fruits and veg get highlighted green. Again, I am looking to see excessive amounts of these.

Avoid processed food as much as possible. I don’t avoid processed foods completely but I always cook our main meals from scratch. I also make sure I plan them well in advance, usually when I do the food shop each week. The recipes I use are not low fat or anything like that but we never over-eat and I always freeze what’s left. E.g. I make a very indulgent lasagne but divide it into 8 portions, then serve with home-made chips and veg.

Eat wholemeal / brown foods. I love eating brown bread, rice and pasta etc and never choose white if I can help it. Personally I find wholemeal foods keep me fuller for longer and they always taste great when the food is home-made. The only exception to the rule is my pizza, where I make the base half white and half brown.

Never consume ‘diet’ food and drinks. I can’t bear these artificial sugars and sweeteners that trick your body into thinking it’s about to get a sugar hit leaving you with nothing at all. Consuming produce like this makes me feel hungry super quick and as time goes on there’s more and more evidence to show they’re not good. Instead I opt for less of whatever is full fat.

Use reduced sugar & salt products. Recently I’ve discovered the wonder of Heinz Tomato Ketchup (50% Less Sugar & Salt), Lurpack Spreadable (Lighter) and Heinz Baked Beans (No Added Sugar). None of these contain artificial sweeteners and all have helped me to cut calories by quite a lot.


Looking at my food diary I’ve realised I’m eating a lot of roasts! This is probably because it encourages me to eat loads of veg. I tend to pile these up super high and trust me when I say I have a lot of roast potatoes too. Here’s some examples from over the past couple of weeks:

* Speed fruit and veg.

Typical week day:

Breakfast: Fried egg (using Fry Light), avocado and 14 baby plum tomatoes* on 2 slices of toast and coffee with sugar.

Lunch: 40g Bran with a few brazil nuts, lots of blueberries* and a banana.

Dinner: Roast beef* with all the trimmings.

Late night snack (usually around 10pm): 40g porridge with a few brazil nuts and strawberries.*


Weekend day:

Breakfast: Restaurant: 2 poached eggs, veggie sausage, hash brown, mushrooms, tomatoes*, baked beans, toast and coffee with sugar.

Lunch: Tea Room/Cafe: Chocolate fudge cake and a cappuccino.

Dinner: Restaurant: Roast gammon and pork with all the trimmings*.


I’ve been on my healthier (if you can call it that) eating plan for 3 weeks now and here’s some interesting stats:



Eating out at restaurants or tea rooms: 11.

Takeaways: 0.

Cakes: 3.

Alcohol: 4.

Speed fruit & veg: 38.

Exercise: Walking: 12 miles.

Weight loss: 4lbs.


I suppose you could say this is a case of slow and steady wins the race. At least I hope it is! I guess I’ll find out soon enough but in the meantime I’m going to carry on eating cake whilst losing weight!


Are any of you guys currently following a healthy eating plan? Let me know in the comments box below. Especially if you have any extra guidance or advice on losing weight. That said, I’m not looking to shed any more than 2lbs a week and am quite happy plodding along as I am!


Carly x



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