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Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser | Review

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I’ve been meaning to do a review of the Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser for some time now, as it’s been a regular in my skincare routine since way back in 2015. This cleanser is said to be the perfect way to start the day, brightening, exfoliating and toning the skin – all in two minutes. Apparently the skin is left soft and radiant, with pores that are visibly much smaller. So are these claims by Eve Lom really true? Let’s find out….

Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser ReviewEve Lom Morning Time Cleanser Swatch

Morning Time Cleanser: Courtesy of Eve Lom


First thing’s first – the packaging. It’s pretty basic with a white tube and gold and black branding, but I like it. I think skincare products are great if they appeal to men and women, and in that respect this ticks all the boxes. The gold writing makes the product look a little more classy, and in terms of packaging that’s enough for me.

Smell wise, I’m not gonna lie – it’s weird. It’s a good weird though. You see, over the years after testing a lot of skincare products in the salon I have come to realise that some of the strangest smelling products really are the best. So I don’t judge by scent alone.

Applying the product is pretty easy. You simply turn the top, and squeeze the tube and a small amount comes out. I love the way this is controlled, minimising product waste. I hate it when too much cleanser is dispersed due to inefficient packaging. Once I’ve squeezed some cleanser out I massage the product onto my dry skin, then leave it for around two minutes to work it’s magic. After rinsing with warm water, I pat my face with a towel and use my usual toner and moisturiser to finish.

The results are phenomenal, and it has to be said I’m obsessed. It does everything Eve Lom says. It cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes my skin. My face feels super soft afterwards, and guess what? People keep telling me that my skin looks really good. That’s when you know something is doing it’s job well. I’m a massive fan of this cleanser, and will definitely repurchase. The only thing I will say is that it does contain Lanolin Oil, which can lead to clogged pores. That being said, I’m someone who sometimes gets clogged pores, and I haven’t had any problems with this. The Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser can be purchased from Lookfantastic, and costs £40.00 for 125ml. It is quite pricey, but a little goes a long way, and as I said previously, it does produce amazing results.

Have you tried this cleanser?

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