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Exfoliating with The Body Shop

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The Body Shop Vitamin C 1C

When it comes to my skincare and body care routine there’s one product I cannot be without, and that’s an exfoliator. Being a total self tanning junkie, I exfoliate before, during and after applying fake tan. When using something so frequently, it’s essential that it doesn’t cause any problems, such as redness, stinging or sore skin. That’s why recently I’ve been loving these two exfoliators from the body shop.

The Body Shop Vitamin C 3C

Firstly is the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion*, a facial exfoliator with super ‘fine exfoliating micro particles’ and ‘crushed garnet stones’. It comes in a 75ml tube, with an easy to use, and very hygienic flip top. Ingredients include camu camu and Community Fair Trade shea butter, and the smell is subtle, but refreshing. The texture of the product itself is very light, and personally I find the tininest amount is sufficient. Maybe a little less than shown in the picture above. I usually use this in the shower by wetting the skin on my face and neck, and then massaging it in with my fingertips, using circular movements. My skin is left really soft, and smooth to touch, due to the little particles removing all the dead skin cells. My face looks more radiant after too, and the perfect base is created ready for the application of my self tan. Even if I’m not using fake tan, this is an excellent step to include in my skincare routine, maybe once or twice a week, perhaps as part of a mini facial.

The Body Shop Vitamin C 2C

The other product I’ve been using is the Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub*. I’m actually sat here chuckling to myself, as I’ve just realised that I accidently photographed the wrong side of the jar. What a silly billy! The other part of the label is actually in English. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that these pics were taken a while ago, so we’ll just go with it shall we? Anyway, this is an exfoliator for the body, and is ‘enriched with 100% natural-origin citrus and caffeine ingredients’. I love how it’s packaged in a really cute, on trend jar with a gasket lid. To use, I find myself dipping my fingers in the pot, and as with the facial exfoliator, I massage it into my wet skin, again, using circular motions, and then rinse. I’m probably a little bit more vigorous on my body, than I am on my face, because the skin here is slightly tougher. The smell of this product is a lot stronger than the previous exfoliator, and is very zesty. Ingredients include orange, lemon, grapefruit, honey and apricot. The overall results are much smoother, invigorated skin, that is more radiant and glowing than it was before.

I’m really loving products by The Body Shop at the moment, and both of these get the thumbs up from me. What do you think of exfoliators, are they something you use in your skincare routine too? 

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