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Fake It Till You Make It! | Why Bloggers Buy Followers

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Why Bloggers Buy FollowersA while ago I was reading one of the blogs I follow when I suddenly realised their Bloglovin followers had shot up to just under a hundred thousand overnight. I was pretty shocked. Not because I wasn’t aware that fake followers could be purchased, but because I trusted this this bloggers views and opinions. In a way I felt a bit cheated. Did this person think their readers were so dumb they wouldn’t notice? I found myself wondering if it was possible for someone as popular as Zoella to grow their following to that amount in such a short space of time. This kind of stuff goes on in the online world all the time and since this happened I’ve seen a fair few bloggers do the same. The question is – why do bloggers buy fake followers?

From a business point of view it’s likely that the blogger is trying to enhance their blogging career by making their stats look much higher than they really are. Having good blog stats can lead to lots of sponsorship opportunities, free goods, and all sorts of other paid work. Opinion leader bloggers are like gold to brands and agents. When a blogger has the ability to reach and influence a large target audience brands are keen to get them to promote their products or services in a bid to generate more sales. But if the followers are fake, there’s no-one to influence…. right? Well, yes that’s true, which is why it takes more than thousands of Bloglovin and Twitter followers to convince any brand or agent worth their salt to work with a blogger. That’s where unique users come in. This is the amount of new visitors a blog gets in a set period of time. Most brands and agents ask for evidence of this, and that’s something no amount of fake followers can give you. So now you might be thinking that purchasing them isn’t going to enhance anyones blogging career. But sadly it’s probably not the truth.

How many times have you clicked on a blog, seen they have thousands of followers and decided that their content is probably quite good because there’s so many? Next you’ve probably hit the follow button, so you can read their posts on a regular basis and perhaps decide for yourself? Imagine all the other people that are doing the same thing. Suddenly the blog with all the fake followers now has a whole load of real followers. People who are probably reading the blog, and giving them the stats they need. These bloggers literally fake it till they make it. It sucks, but that’s the reality of the blogging world.

If you’re someone that’s considering buying fake followers, my advice is not to. You may not realise, but the blogosphere is a very tight knit community, especially in the world of beauty bloggers. When someones stats shoot up to crazily high amounts over night, it sticks out like a sore thumb! Suddenly they’re a top blogger on Bloglovin, and everyone knows they probably bought a load of followers. Fellow bloggers and brands alike will lose respect for you and your blog, and when social media sites delete fake accounts (as they do every now and again), your stats will drop, exposing what you’ve done even more. The same goes for people that set up new blogs, and buy a load of followers at the same time. It’s really obvious, because they were nowhere to be seen in the blogging world before.

I have to admit, I don’t always unfollow people if it becomes evident that they may have purchased a few fake accounts. There was a case recently where it may or may have not happened, but I love the blog so much that it would take more than a silly mistake to stop me from following. I’m kinda nice like that, and when someone does something daft, I tend to think they probably had their reasons. Who am I to judge what anyone else does, anyway? However, when it comes to my own blog, the most important thing is that my readers can trust my opinion. When you’re testing and reviewing lots of beauty products like I do, honesty is an absolute must. That’s why I would never purchase fake followers. Surely it’s just a one way ticket to losing everyones trust?

What do you guys think about buying fake followers?

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