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Favourites 2015 | Hair

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Favourites-2015-Hair Tangle Teezer: lookfantastic | Moroccanoil Treatment: feelunique | Blonde Hairbands: Boots | ghd Aura Hairdryer (courtesy of ghd): Selfridges (in the sale!)| Clear Elasticated Hair Ties: ASOS | Invisibobble Hair Bands: Boots | Blonde Hair Grips: Boots | Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray: Boots (Buy 1 get 2nd half price).


Happy Monday guys! Continuing on the theme of my favourites from 2015, today I thought I would share the best products, accessories, and tools I’ve been using on my hair….

Tangle Teezer

First up is the Tangle Teezer, my favourite hair brush of all time! It’s really gentle, and and seems to be able to detangle knots, without pulling at, or pulling out my hair. As you can probably tell from the pic, it’s been well loved, and even though I’ve got many other hairbrushes I could use, this is my go-to brush every time.

Moroccanoil Treatment

Good old Moroccanoil. I’m addicted to this stuff. I apply it to my hair when it’s wet, just after I’ve washed it, and when it’s dry, to tame those pesky fly-away hairs. I can get a comb through so much easier after using Moroccanoil, and I’ve noticed a massive difference in my hair since I started using it. It’s so much stronger, silkier, and shinier than it was before. It’s brilliant for smoothing down the hair shaft, especially split ends. A hairdresser once told me that hair oils are all the same, but after having tried many different ones, for me personally this is the best.

Blonde Hairbands

Probably an obvious one when you’re blonde, but I love these for styling my hair. They’re also available in brown, black, and many other colours too. I find they have just the right amount of stretch in them, and don’t pull on my hair. I hate it when you buy a pack of hairbands, and they’re so tight that they tug, and hurt you in the process.

ghd Aura Hairdryer

I’ve been sent a few hairdryers to try this year, but nothing compares to my ghd Aura. It’s the lightest hairdryer I’ve ever used, all because the power supply is in the lead, rather than in the hairdryer itself. Genius! The cord is really long, and way longer than any other hairdryer I’ve ever had. It gives me so much more flexibility. I’ve pretty much kissed goodbye to aching wrists from heavy hairdryers, putting my hands in awkward positions because of short cords, and, have totally eliminated the need for an extension lead. Aura uses Laminair™ technology, meaning the air stream is non-turbulent and concentrated, giving more control and precision. It enables me to focus solely on the section of hair that I’m drying, whilst leaving the rest undisturbed. The controlled air stream means that my hair is dried in a single direction, so it looks a lot shinier due to the smoothing down of the outer layers of the hair shafts. Another unique feature is it’s Cool-Wall™ technology, which creates a ring of cool air around the hot air. I can use the dryer fairly close to my scalp to create lots of volume, but the hairdryer nozzle is still quite cool. Cool-Wall™ technology also creates a setting effect, so I find there’s less need for me to finish off with a blast of cold air. However, there’s also a cold shot button, which gives quick blasts of air if I wish to set my hair in an instant. Another bonus, is it’s really quiet too. This is because of it’s next generation brushless motor.  I love everything about this hairdryer. Since owning it for a year or so, it’s cut my drying time in half, and now I have longer to spend doing other things in the morning.

Clear Elasticated Hair Ties

These snag-free hair ties are the perfect way to secure your hair in place when you don’t want your hairbands to be too obvious. I’ve been using them on styles such as fishtail braids, plaits, and ponytails.

Invisibobble Hair Bands

Invisibobble hairbands are great for everyday styling, and I’m a massive fan because they don’t pull at my hair. I’ve also found that if I layer them up I can create extra volume on a ponytail, which is brilliant for me, as my locks are so fine. Once I remove the bobbles there are no kinks left, so I can easily wear my hair down again. Beaut.

Blonde Hair Grips

What can I say about these? Just like the blonde hairbands, they’re an essential in my every day hair kit, and I use them on a regular basis when I’m putting my hair up, usually in a half up, half down kinda style.

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray

My most treasured find of all the sprays, the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray is said to be a bit of a dupe for Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. At a fraction of the price it’s an absolute steal, and although I’ve not tried the one by Oribe, it works absolute wonders for me. My hair is naturally straight and very fine, and has no volume at all. With this spray I can really give it a boost, and I love how it adds texture too. If you’re someone that wishes they had more volume like me, I urge you to give it a try!

Did you try any of these products in 2015?

Carly x


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