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Festive Chit Chat

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Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fab day, whether you’re celebrating Christmas, or simply enjoying having some time off. I was meant to be spending Christmas with family at my mums, but sadly I’m ill with a cold and sore throat etc, so I’ve had to stay at home. They were trying to convince me to go, but with a couple of elderly family members being there, I knew there was no way I could risk giving them this. Luckily Ollie saved the day, and cooked Christmas dinner (totally on his own), and now he’s gone to see his dad. Naturally I decided to hit up the blog with some random festive chit chat…


Overall, Christmas hasn’t been too bad. I’ve spent most of my time watching movies like Home Alone and Mrs Miracle. But having loads of time on my hands has got me thinking about Christmas traditions. I’m not talking about the dignified family sort, but more the naughty child sort. For example, I used to eat all the chocolates out of my advent calendar then close the doors back up, pretending I was eating them day by day. There were worse children out there than me though! Apparently Ollie’s brother used to eat all the chocolates from his advent calendar, as well as his own.

Other things I got up to included waiting for Father Christmas to come, then once he had been, getting all the presents out of my stocking, feeling them, and trying to guess what they were. I never actually unwrapped them, but that was probably because I had already got my fix by opening the presents my mum had bought me, then wrapping them back up! Kids huh?

My favourite Christmas tradition has to be eating a chocolate Santa for breakfast, and I’m not gonna lie, despite feeling pretty rough I didn’t break the tradition today! I don’t know why, but chocolate that’s moulded into shapes tastes so much better than the stuff from a bar. Don’t you think? Probably because it’s much thinner, and melts in your mouth. Yum!

What’s your favourite tradition from your childhood?

Carly x


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