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Finding Blog Confidence

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It’s 26 degrees, the sun is beaming down on me and as I sit in our garden writing this I kinda want to pinch myself. It’s so peaceful right now and I can honestly say I don’t have a care in the world, other than I hope the delivery guy doesn’t catch me in my cami top and hot pants again! Embarrassing or what? But it’s been so warm in the UK recently that this is how I’ve been spending most of my days. Chilling outside, writing on my laptop. I suppose it’s like a dream come true in a way. Don’t get me wrong, I work really hard and it’s not always like this. However on the days when it is I find myself feeling incredibly blessed.

Back in the day I was really worried about setting up my blog and I can’t believe that now. I was already working as a freelance writer and marketer and ironically even talked on camera at times, but putting myself out there as a blogger seemed really daunting to me. Fast forward to today and I’ve suddenly realised I’ve got this new found blog confidence that I probably didn’t have before. It’s got me wondering what lead me to where I am today and whether there are other bloggers that have the same reservations. If you’re a blogger yourself, aspire to be one or simply need some inspiration for finding confidence in your everyday life, maybe my observations could help you too….


Practice makes perfect

I never knew how to use Blogger or WordPress before I began. I wasn’t a photographer either. In fact when it came to taking pictures I didn’t have a clue. I do have a degree in Business Studies with Marketing and I would be lying if I said that doesn’t help, however the blogging world seems to have it’s own set of rules. It’s own etiquette if you like, and trust me it’s nothing like what I was taught at uni! So yes, there’s a lot to learn, but if you love it enough you’ll find a way. For me personally I just wanted to keep my hand in the beauty industry and use the blog to share what I know. In order to learn new skills I’ve had to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials, read many different books and I can honestly say that Google has become my best friend. Of course my blog is far from being perfect but one thing’s for sure; it’s come a really long way.

Focus on achievements

Everyone has days where they feel down about their blog, and when this happens it’s best to focus on achievements rather than what you deem to be going wrong. If there’s a problem you can solve then go for it. If not, don’t waste time feeling negatively about it all. There are times where I’ve had to rationalise my thoughts because I’m not the most confident person out there. It’s all too easy for me to quite literally tear myself apart and come to the conclusion I’m a massive failure. The reality is that it’s just not true and when I put things into perspective I’ve actually achieved a lot. Especially considering I’ve moved and changed my blog name three times and was forced to take a blogging break for months on end last year. If you’re feeling like your blog isn’t good enough then I would encourage you to spend a moment writing down everything you’ve achieved so far.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

When it comes to blogging we are all on our own little journey and it’s unlikely that any two will be the same. One of the worst things you can do is look at another blogger and start comparing yourself. I love the quote above because it’s so true. In the world of blogging the middle isn’t just about the amount of time you’ve been writing for, it’s also about how long you’ve spent on it. Maybe another blogger seems way ahead, but has actually written twice as many posts as you and spends a lot more hours promoting on social media. That’s going to fast track them for sure.

Don’t compare your behind the scenes with somebody else’s highlight reel

I love social media but it scares me how much people seem to be comparing themselves and their lives these days. I like to look at pretty pictures, but I’m always mindful of the fact that I’m only seeing a snippet of someones life and the things that they want me to see. Being a blogger I’m all too guilty of posting these types of pics myself, but if only you could see the reality of what things actually look like behind the scenes! If I actually believed that everyone else’s life was only made up of what they post on their blog or social media my confidence would be on the floor!

Just be yourself

It’s all too easy to look at someone else’s highlight reel and wish that you were just like that person, but you’re special because you are you. We are all unique in our own little way and it’s about time we started to feel amazing about ourselves. As I said previously, I’m really not the most confident person out there but when I have good days and I’m totally accepting of myself I think that helps with the work I do and how I come across on my blog.

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle - Blog Confidence

Never let anyone dull your sparkle

Unfortunately it happens but sometimes you have to ask yourself why that person felt the need! Maybe it wasn’t intentional or maybe it was, but don’t let them take the twinkle out of your eye! Luckily I’ve not been on the receiving end of any negativity in the blogging community, but it’s something that seems to go on all the time. Maybe my blog confidence has developed because I’ve escaped this type of negativity so far. I find it shocking when people spend their time putting bloggers down, especially when everyone can see how much time and effort they’ve put in. I love seeing other bloggers succeed. It makes me feel proud to be part of such an amazing, hardworking community.

Work hard

Blogging doesn’t feel like work to me because I love it so much, but it’s a good job I do! There’s no doubt about it, it’s hard work. You have to put in a lot of time and when there’s a deadline to be met that can mean working late into the evenings and even the weekends. However, I find the harder I work the more my confidence grows. The more my confidence grows the more I start to see things happen!

Dream big

The world really is our oyster and personally I like to dream big. Setting goals has defintely helped me to find blog confidence, although what is deemed as big to me probably isn’t the same for you. During my blogging journey so far I’ve achieved several things that have helped my confidence to grow. Firstly there’s having you guys as readers. Thank you so much for sticking by me. Second is the amazing brands that I work with, as without them this would be a totally different type of blog. Third is the Cosmo Blog Awards. Not in a million years did I think I would make it on that shortlist and be attending an awards ceremony with so many of my idols. Fourth is having my pic printed in Fleur De Force’s new book. Like I said, I kinda wanna pinch myself. If I can achieve the things that make me happy and help my confidence to grow, so can you.

Make it happen

My motto is if it’s not happening then make it happen. You never know unless you try. Yes I have to be prepared for knock-backs, but that’s just the nature of the game. I honestly believe we can achieve whatever we want to in this life as long as we’re prepared to put in the hard work. I feel like I’ve been bitten badly by the blogging bug and that’s exactly the way I want things to stay.

I think finding confidence in your blog is a bit like learning to drive in a way. At first you feel nervous and unsure (but maybe excited at the same time?), then one day it all just clicks and everything falls into place. It’s something that takes time though. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Do you feel confident about your blog? If so, what kind of things help you to feel that way?

Carly x


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