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Fleur De Force The Glam Guide
If there was one book that was destined to end up in my possession this year, it was The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force. In 2013 my friend Julia introduced me to Fleur’s website, whilst suggesting that I set up a blog of my very own. She thought I would be good at it because of my love and knowledge of beauty. At the time, I didn’t even know that beauty blogging was a ‘thing’, despite setting up a blog in 2010, that remained unpublished. I’ve never told you guys this before, but I totally fell in love with what Fleur had created, and as the first beauty blogger I came across, she was my inspiration to start this site. I’ve remained a loyal follower of hers ever since, reading every post, and watching all her videos. I’m a massive fan, and find her so relatable. What’s even crazier, is that last year, when Carly’s Beauty World was shortlisted for ‘Best New Beauty Blog’ in the Cosmo Blog Awards, Fleur De Force was shortlisted (and won) ‘Best Vlog’. Sadly she wasn’t at the awards, but can you imagine how I would have felt if she was, and even better, if I had got to meet her? Anyway, when she first announced she was writing a book, I couldn’t have been more excited, and I pre-ordered my copy straight away!

It has to be said, I’m really impressed with The Glam Guide, in particular, the chapter on beauty. For me, it was like going back to everything I learn’t when I was at beauty school, doing my NVQ Level 2. The views, opinions and techniques that are written about very much reflect everything I’ve been taught over the years. There wasn’t anything in this section, that didn’t make perfect sense to me, and I love how she’s covered so many topics that I’ve also written about on this blog. From how to choose a foundation, to creating a perfect manicure, it’s all there. She’s even written about DIY face masks (again we were taught this at beauty school), and an ingredient blacklist (something I’ve also written about here before). Beauty aside, there are also chapters on hair, fashion, travel, health and fitness, relationships, Youtube, blogging, and so much more.

Overall, I think this is a lovely book, with beautiful illustrations, and I would say it’s a bit like a beauty bible. If I had a daughter, I would definitely give her this to read, but that said, I think it’s a publication that would be brilliant for all ages. Sometimes I find that once I’ve read a book, I sell it again on my Amazon book store, but that’s not going to happen this time. The Glam Guide is a keeper! It’s the kind of book you can dip in and out of, and I’m glad that I now have something I can continuously refer to, rather than pulling out my shabby old beauty school notes all the time! When I next make a DIY mask I’m going to use The Glam Guide instead. If you’re interested in finding out how good this book is yourself, you can purchase it by clicking here.
What do you think of Fleur De Force? Is she someone you follow too? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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