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Fleur De Force | The Luxe Life

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Following on with the Fleur De Force theme, today I thought I would show you guys my entry to her latest competition. Just in case you don’t know Fleur is about to release a second book; The Luxe Life, and she’s offering us the chance to have a picture printed inside. All we have to do is take a picture of our ‘Luxe Essentials’, upload it to Instagram, and tag @FleurDeForce with #LuxeLife….

Fleur De Force The Luxe Life Entry by Carly Susanne

Now, this all sounds very exciting and as Fleur is my fave I thought I would be crazy if I didn’t enter. I very much doubt that my pic is the best she’s going to get, but it’s one of those things where you never know unless you try. I must admit, I actually tried quite hard. Today involved rolling loads of marshmallows together into a ball, coating them with icing and cutting out star shapes. The idea was to take a pic of a really cute hot chocolate with marshmallows floating in the top. The stars turned out quite well all things considered, but did they float? Of course not. They sank to the bottom of the mug and made a right old mess. I had to laugh. I’m sure no one else is going to go to these extremes.

Following on from the marshmallow incident, I took a whole host of other pics that each had at least one blurry product in them and I was starting to think maybe I should give up. I don’t know what it is with this week, but I’m I’m really not winning at all. (Let’s not talk about the whole blog going down thing and me having to migrate to a new url. Or the fact that I lost all my comments in the process. Ugh). Anyway, despite it seeming like everything is stacked up against me, somehow I plodded on and I managed to take the pic featured above. So this is it – my entry. I think it’s the best I can do right now.

What do you think about Fleur’s idea? Would you like to see a pic of yours featured in The Luxe Life?

Carly x

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