Hey guys! I hope you’re all having a fab Tuesday, whatever you’re doing. Today I thought it would be good idea to do the ‘Get To Know Me Tag’. I’ve been blogging for a while now, so I think it’s about time….


Last Sunday, about to go kayaking.


On my face:

Colourstay Foundation in Sand Beige: Revlon | Skin Active BB Eye Roll-on in Light: Garnier | Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair: Collection | Loose Powder in Translucent: No7 | Galifornia Blusher: Courtesy of Benefit | Hoola Bronzer: Benefit | Coral Bliss Lipstick: MAC | Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in Sable: Rimmel | Eyeshadow in Satin taupe: MAC | Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara: Courtesy of Maybelline | Master Shape Brow Pencil in Dark Blond: Maybelline



Hanging out at Iberostar Torviscas Playa, Tenerife.


Do you have any nicknames?


When is your birthday?

16th August.

What’s your starsign?


How tall are you?

5ft 8″

What size are you?


What colour is your hair?

Blonde with dark blonde low-lights.

How long is your hair?

Quite long. I haven’t had hair extensions for years as it’s so long now.

What colour are your eyes?

A greeny, grey and blue kinda colour.

Are you right handed or left handed?

I’m usually right handed but left handed when I eat!

What’s your best feature?

I’m going to say my nails. At beauty school we were taught what the perfect nail looks like and apparently you should be able to see a curve when you look at them from the side and again from the front. Mine are like this so were used as a good example.


Having my hair done on Saturday. It’s got so long! 


Have you ever…

Had braces?

Yes. I also have a few veneers.

Got a tattoo?


Had any piercings?

Yes, I got my belly button pierced when I was 16. I asked my mum if I could have it done and she said no. So I went and got it done anyway. Sorry mum! I also have my ears pierced 3 times on both sides. I got the first set done on my 12th birthday, all approved by my mother! I think I got the second set done when I was about 14 and the 3rd when I was training to pierce ears myself.


My favourite thing in the world? The beach! (Usually Sandbanks, but this one’s a bit hotter!). 


The first time you…

Got an award?

I don’t really have any awards. I have a few nominations though. I was shortlisted for The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Award (Dorset & South Wiltshire Area) in 2005. I was also shortlisted in the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 for ‘Best New Beauty Blog’ and in the Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards 2016 for the ‘Influencer’s Choice Award’.

Tried sport?

It was gymnastics and swimming when I was about 5. I’ve just remembered that I won a swimming race once as a child. I got a shield and everything! Does that count as an award?

Went on holiday?

It was to Butlins with my mum, sister and brother.

Went to a concert?

I was more into DJs than bands as a teenager so my first concert (which isn’t technically a concert) would be watching bands at Glastonbury Festival.


Chilling with a pina colada on our recent trip to Tenerife!



Subject at school?

Media Studies.


Clueless. I also love Catch Me If You Can as a close second. I like watching low budget films that no-one really knows about, like Catfish. I saw that years before those guys got their own TV show.

TV Programme?

I don’t really like watching TV that much. I’m more of a YouTube kinda girl. But if the TV’s on I watch reality shows like TOWIE, The Real Housewives of (them all – Cheshire, Orange County etc), and Kendra on Top. It drives Ollie crazy. When it comes to YouTube channels I love Fleur De Force and Sailing SV Delos. I never miss an episode of either.



Song track?

Latch – Disclosure.


Pina Colada.


Nandos. Or my local Indian. Or if you wanna go really up market I would say Restaurant El Oceano.




Anything in the Shopoholic series.



El Oceano Beach Hotel Breakfast

One of my faves! Restaurant El Oceano near Marbella, Spain.




Excited as we’re going to Spain again. Yay!

Single or taken?

Taken. I’m engaged to the most amazing man – if you don’t know, his name’s Ollie.


Toast with butter and orange and ginger marmalade. Oh yeah!

Listening to?

No Lie – Sean Paul (feat. Dua Lipa).

Thinking about?

What to take to Spain.


These Missguided ripped skinny jeans and a jumper.

Making you happy?

Ollie, sun, sand and the sea!

El Oceano Beach Hotel Spain Swimming Pool

Ollie swimming in the pool at El Oceano Beach Hotel, near Marbella, Spain.


The future…

Do you want children?

If it happens it happens. What is meant to be will be.

Do you want to get married?

Yes, we’re engaged.

What career do you want?

Blogging, as I am now.

Where do you want to live?

In Spain or on a boat. We’re currently looking at places in Spain but also want to find a way to sail and live on a boat for a bit. Watch this space!

Have you done the Get To Know Me Tag?

If so, please leave a link in the comments box below. I would love to have a read.

If not, then I tag you to do this too!


Carly x


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  • Living on a boat has to be an amazing experience!

    Vanessa x |

    • I know, can you imagine?! Maybe I’ll get to find out how amazing! : ) xxxx

  • Loved getting to know you. Spain sounds like a great place to live!

    Much love,
    Marianne x

  • Loved getting to know you! The sun, sand and sea would make me happy too!

    Doused In Pink

    • It doesn’t get any better than that for me! : ) xxxx

  • Katie

    Clueless is one of my favorites, too! Your photos are beautiful and they’re making me miss summer x

    Beauty From Katie

  • I loved reading this, Carly! Hope your next holiday is much better than your last with no tonsillitis! I’m a Leo too and my best friend lives in Spain! xx


    • Thank you. It was so long I wondered if anyone would read it at all! Yes, fingers crossed no tonsillitis this time. I’ve had enough of getting ill. Totally jealous of your friend living in Spain. High five to being a fellow Leo. : ) xxxx

  • What a fun post, girlie! It was great getting to know you more with these questions, we actually have some things in common, outside our shared love for fashion and beauty 🙂 I’ve had braces and have a veneer as well. I’m also 5’8 and have always been complimented on my nails when I get them done professionally; I didn’t know the reasons why, I’ve learnt something new today! Oh, girl, you can’t describe food to a pregnant lady, haha! Now I’m want to try toast with butter and orange marmalade and I don’t usually like orange marmalades, but it sounds so good with butter! Speaking of eating, how cool is that, that you eat with your left hand, but use your right hand for everything else! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have the best day!



    • That’s so cool! I rarely come across people who are the same height as myself. I don’t think 5’8 is that tall. It’s quite tall, but not mega tall. Yet all my friends seem to be so much smaller than me! Do you find this too? Happy Wednesday gorgeous! xxx

  • Tina – Styleappetite

    Such a cool list – my eyes are alsmost the same as yours it seems (also a mix of green/ blue and a bit green sometimes) and Clueless has always been a great movie ♥

    • Thank you. It makes it hard to describe eye colour when you have so many doesn’t it? xx

  • sissy kat

    i love this kind of posts!

    • Thanks for your feedback. I’ll make sure I write more from time to time. : )

  • I loved learning more about ya! I wish I was as tall as you, dang!!

    • Ha ha. It can be a bit of a pain at times to be honest. : )

  • Elle

    Great to get to know you a bit more 🙂 x

    Ellé |

  • Oh my goodness we have so many things in common, no wonder I adore u so much. I have always wanted to live on a boat and sail around the world. We considered it for a minute then realized we’re not quite rich enough. (Adult realization time). But if you do then I can live vicariously through you guys!

    • Julie this is the nicest comment EVER!!! We’re currently putting plans in place to make this happen. If we end up anywhere near you we have to meet up! Seriously though. xxxx

      • I would absolutely love that! Check out Destin Florida and I think u may just want to head my way… 🙂

        • It looks amazing. Ollie seems to think it would take us about 20 days to sail there if we were moored up in Tenerife. xx