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Health & Fitness Friday | #2

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Health & Fitness Friday #2

Leggings: Nike | Hairbands: Nike | Cup: NutriBullet


I can’t believe it’s time for another Health & Fitness Friday post already. How time flies when you’re having fun! This week I’ve been forward planning, which seems to be the key to success, and means a lot of food prepping. I’ve been eating really healthily, and have indulged in home-cooked curry, pies (not the pastry type!), lasagne, and salad. I make sure there’s always fresh fruit available, and have even been having the odd bit of chocolate here and there. Let’s find out how I got on….

Week 2

Weightloss goal: 18lb

Weightloss this week: 1lb

Weightloss total: 3lb

Average hours sleep per night: 8

Exercise: Cleaning my house ~ 4 hrs (Yes, cleaning counts!), and walking (moderate pace) ~ 20 mins.

Cheat days: None.

Favourite meal: Potato & parsnip curry.

Totally loving: My slow cookers. I bought my first one years ago when I first started writing from home. I loved it so much I invested in a second. They’re great, because I can prepare my food first thing in the morning, pop it in the slow cookers, and leave them to simmer all day. By the time I’ve finished work I have a couple of freshly prepared meals. Obviously there’s no need to have two slow cookers if you all prefer the same thing, but I usually eat vegetarian meals, and Ollie eats meat. We have a Crock-Pot, and this slow cooker by Lakeland.

Observations: Last week I talked about how I think I lose weight faster when I eat more fruit and veg (as well as my usual meals), and I think grapefruit is really good for this. Years ago I read that Kylie Minogue keeps trim by eating grapefruit before every meal. I’ve tried this, but only once a day after breakfast, and I think it works!

Rewards: 3 pairs of Nike leggings, and this Nike top.

I only lost 1lb this week, but it’s still better than nothing, or putting it on! My mum says she finds the slower you lose weight, the more chance you have of it staying off, so I’ll go with that. The other thing is, I’ve hardly gone to town with exercise. I was hoping I might have had time to do more by now. As I’ve just rewarded myself with new workout gear, I have no excuses to slack in the following week!

That said, I’m a little lazy when it comes to exercise. I think I could do with some some tips. What motivates you?

Carly x


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