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Health & Fitness Friday | #3

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Health-&-Fitness-Friday-3Slipper Socks: Lipsy | Cushion: Kylie At Home Mug: Similar at Not on the High Street | Cherry Bakewell Green Tea: Waitrose

Calling this post ‘Health & Fitness Friday’ is a bit of a cheek really, because there’s been days where I’ve totally fallen off the bandwagon. Three of them to be precise. The week started off badly. On Monday night I decided to order an Indian takeaway. It was like a repeat of New Years Eve all over again, only this time I was at home, instead of a restaurant. I indulged in vegetable masala, pilau rice, and peshwari naan bread, followed by a chocolate Santa and some coins that were left over from Christmas. The week went from bad to worse, and let’s just say the results weren’t the same as the week of New Years Eve. You know, the one where I ate everything in sight, and still managed to lose 2lb. So what happened?….


Week 3

Weightloss goal: 18lb

Weightloss this week: +1lb

Weightloss total: 2lb (was 3lb)

Average hours sleep per night: 7.5

Exercise: Cleaning my house ~ 2 hrs

Cheat days: 3 ~ The Indian takeaway, a Chinese takeaway, and Toby Carvery (which would have been a good day if only I had chosen not to eat a honeycomb sundae).

Favourite meal: The Indian takeaway. Damn you yummy, calorific Indian.

Totally loving: Takeaways & Cherry Bakewell Green Tea!

Observations: Drinking Cherry Bakewell Green Tea makes me feel really hungry. I guess that’s because it speeds up my metabolism. But then I feel like I want to eat more food!

Rewards: Are you kidding me?

Obviously I can’t reward myself this week after being a total fatty and eating all the pies! I’m slightly worried because I don’t seem bothered about this falling off of the bandwagon at all. But in a way that’s a good thing. I mean, it’s done with now, and I can’t change the fact I’ve over indulged. I need to forget about it, move on, and try harder next week!

If you’re on a health and fitness kick, how’s your week been?

Carly x


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