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Health & Fitness Friday | #4

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Nike-Orive-NM-Sneaker-WomensTrainers: Nike Orive DM | Leggings: Nike Tight Cotton Pants

Oh gawd. This whole health and fitness thing has gone from bad to worse! After falling off the bandwagon, I really thought I would be a lot better this week. But no. Not me. I ate healthily for 24 hours, then had a massive craving for scones. It was like I couldn’t control it, and I put all the ingredients in a bowl, then realised I couldn’t even be bothered to cut out the dough, so I shoved it all in a tin, and baked one great big scone cake. It came out like a loaf of bread, and I ate about 3/4 of it, laden with jam and butter. The shame! Please tell me some of you do random stuff like this? The worse thing is I think it’s really funny. Let me tell you, my fat bum doesn’t think so….


Week 4

Weightloss goal: 18lb

Weightloss this week: +3lb

Weightloss total: -1lb (was 3lb)

Average hours sleep per night: 8

Exercise: Cleaning my house ~ 2 hrs, the gym, and swimming.

Cheat days: 5 ~ There was the scone cake incident, another day where I ate loads of tortilla chips and dips etc, a Chinese takeaway, afternoon tea at the Hilton Bournemouth (followed by Nandos), and another day eating stuff like butter and jam on toast.

Favourite meal: Nandos. Oh my goodness I love Nandos!

Totally loving: My new Nike trainers. I got them from America (here) as I couldn’t find them in black in the UK. Sports Direct has  some in other colours though.

Observations: None, other than being greedy clearly isn’t paying off!

Rewards: None.

So I’ve basically gone backwards, because I’m now 1lb heavier than when I started my health & fitness kick 4 weeks ago. Yet again I can’t reward myself, but at least I’ve done a bit more exercise this week. The truth is I went on a spa day at the Hilton Bournemouth with my friend Alex, so I wanted to make the most of the pool and gym. Fingers crossed that next week improves, otherwise I don’t see how I can continue with Health & Fitness Friday! Uh-oh.

Do you ever get uncontrollable cravings for food?

Carly x


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