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Health & Fitness Friday | #6

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Alpro Soya Yogurt: Waitrose | Heart Bowl: Next (similar here) | Special K Granola: Ocado | Alpro Soya Milk: Waitrose

This week I’ve maintained my weight, rather than losing any. Despite how it looks I feel like the whole health & Fitness thing is going in the right direction. Honestly – you have to trust me on this one! Yes I could have lost about 12lb by now had I have stuck to it. But do you know what? I’m only human, and I think my online fitness journal probably reflects the struggles that many of us go through when trying to lose a few pounds. I always find it quite hard to remain motivated in January, but have no idea why. Generally in February things start to get a bit easier, and I’ve decided to implement some positive changes to my diet. Anyway, more about that later. Let’s take a look at what I’ve been up to over the past week….


Week 6

Weightloss goal: 18lb

Weightloss this week: 0lb

Weightloss total: 0lb (was 3lb)

Average hours sleep per night: 8

Exercise: A walk on the beach ~ 45 mins.

Cheat days: 3 ~ I had a Chinese takeaway, an Indian takeaway and went to Toby Carvery.

Favourite meal: The Indian takeaway.

Totally loving: Special K Granola with Alpro Soya Yogurt, Alpro Soya Milk and lots of strawberries, blueberries and banana.

Observations: My biggest downfall is eating out and having takeaways.

Rewards: None.

I’ve cut down the cheat days by one, but I need to find a way to eliminate them altogether. I think I’m going to start having chow mein when we get Chinese. I usually have a pot of sweet and sour sauce, chips, egg fried rice and some mini vegetable spring rolls. It’s a strange combination and really calorific, but I love it! However, I think Chinese night could become a cheat free day if I choose noodles instead. I must stop having dessert when I go to Toby Carvery too. As for the Indian takeaways, well…. surely they have to go?

Is it possible to have a cheat free day and indulge in an Indian takeaway too? Let me know your thoughts!

Carly x


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