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Health & Fitness Friday | #8

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Last week I was a little bit poorly and ended up in A&E so my health & fitness was put on hold. Well kinda. The fitness thing was put on hold, but I’ve still been eating really healthily. Without going into too much detail (trust me – you don’t want to know!), I basically ended up having to rest for a whole week. It’s not something I find easy to do because I’m someone that’s always on the go. Luckily Lookfantastic kindly sent me this months Elle Magazine, so that kept me occupied for a bit. Anyway, here’s how I got on….


Week 8

Weightloss goal: 18lb

Weightloss this week: 1lb

Weightloss total: 2lb (was 3lb)

Average hours sleep per night: 9

Exercise: A 20 min walk.

Cheat days: 2 ~ I had a large bag of sweet popcorn on Sat night whilst watching a movie with Ollie, and went to an Indian restaurant on Sun night, where I had a popadom, sauces, vegetable masala, 1/2 a peshwari naan bread and pilau rice.

Favourite meal: Indian.

Totally loving: The fact I feel a bit better! I always find I appreciate life so much more after I’ve been ill.

Observations: None. I’ve been too tired to care!

Rewards: None.

Although I’ve only lost 1lb this week I feel quite happy. Personally I would rather have a cheat day (or two) and lose weight slowly, than lose 2lb a week and not have a day off. That said, I have a horrible feeling my two days of bad eating might come back to bite me on the bum next week. After all, who can really have two cheat days and still lose weight? It seems too good to be true! So we shall see.

Do you think weightloss or gain tends to show a week behind?

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