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After years of working in the skincare industry and having gone through the whole acne thing myself I feel I’ve learnt a lot about removing scars. As many of you will know acne is a topic I often write about, but something I haven’t covered is what happens once the spots are gone. Maybe this is because I feel like I got off fairly lightly and that my skin doesn’t look that bad? But it’s not the case for everyone. Just the other day a friend who’s suffering brought up the topic, asking me how she could remove her acne scars. The truth is there are several different options out there. Some I’ve tried and tested and some I’m still wondering about….


When I was at Beauty School we would often talk about natural ingredients and how they can solve common skin problems. For example, Coconut oil, honey, lemon and aloe vera are all said to have properties that help minimise scars by lightening the skin. Fast forward a few years to my days in the salon and you could often find me performing facials that reduced the appearance of acne scars. One treatment in particular softened dark marks and evened out skin tone. Another involved a mini microdermabrasion facial. It really got me wondering about having some proper microdermabrasion myself.

Another method of removing scars is Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment which was brought to my attention once again a few weeks ago. Last year I thought about having this done after one of my favourite YouTubers said that she had all sorts of marks removed via laser in a clinic. I always thought her skin looked amazing and now I know why. Apparently this is one of the most effective, non-invasive methods of removing acne scars there is. For anyone that might be considering having this treatment done, Pulse Light Clinic London have created the following video which demonstrates what to expect:

If you would like to know more about Laser Acne Scar Removal Treatment please contact Pulse Light Clinic to book in a free consultation and patch-test. You can e-mail them at and visit their website at

Are you someone that has or is suffering with acne scars? Have you tried any of the methods I’ve mentioned above?

Carly x

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