I’m always getting asked how to grow hair faster, probably because over the past year mine has grown really long. Some of you might remember that I shared all my tips and tricks for growing hair back in September (you can read that post here). Since then my hair has grown even more. When I look at the picture below I can barely believe it’s got so long. It’s grown a lot in six months. With that in mind I thought I would post an update on my current haircare routine and how I’m encouraging it to continue to grow….


March 2017


My holy grail hair product has to be Moroccanoil. I use it every single day, whether it be on wet hair which has just been washed or on dry hair to smooth down the ends. This is a product I cannot live without. I think it helps to grow hair faster by reducing damage, therefore it’s is less likely to break.

As well as using a hair oil I also make sure I only have a full head of highlights once a year. The rest of the time I’ll have a T-section about every 6-8 weeks. I think the longer I go without dying my hair the better the condition will be, allowing it to grow super long.

Another thing that I do on a daily basis and something that has definitely helped to grow my hair faster is taking a multi-vitamin that contains Biotin. This ingredient also helps to promote healthy skin and nails too.

These are the three main things that I believe have helped to grow my hair faster than ever before. If you’re someone that is looking to do the same then I highly recommend checking out my How to Grow Your Hair Long post here. It covers what I’ve been doing over the past year in much more detail.

Have you used any of the methods I’ve mentioned today? If so, did they work for you too?

Carly x


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  • I’ve never tried Moroccan oil, but hear great things. Might try that out!

    • It’s really good Katherine. I can’t recommend it enough! x

  • I can’t use Moroccan Oil too regularly as I find it can build up and leave my hair feeling a bit heavy! I take a Biotin supplement too xx

    • Oh that’s interesting! I guess that’s why they invented a light version? Biotin is great isn’t it? x

  • Violette

    I have to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  • clare⭐

    I always use oil in my hair! your hair looks great 🙂

  • Great post. Biotin definitely helps. My mum told me about that. Thanks for sharing. x/Madison

    • You’re mum sounds like a very knowledgable lady! : ) xx

  • Biotin was in my prenatals, helped a lot.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Ah yes, I know many that have taken Pregnacare (or other brands) and it’s done wonders for their hair, skin and nails. Xx

  • I’m waiting for my hair to grow! I feel like it’s been this length for the last 6 month, I need at least 3 more inches within the next few months so I’ll take all of the tips and tricks you have. I’ve heard of Moroccan Oil and will pick some up TODAY! I do take biotin and it’s done wonders for my nails.

    • That’s great Mary! I hope you love it as much as I do. Xx

  • I have tried Moroccan oil but it’s way too heavy for my thin, fine hair. You hair looks really amazing though! xx

    • Oh what a shame. I actually have really thin, fine hair too but it seems to work well for me for some reason. I only use the tiniest bit though (the size of a 5p piece or less) and always on wet hair. When I put it on my hair dry (every day) I use barely any. I think the pic above is misleading as to how fine my hair really is because it’s been curled with ghds. It’s naturally poker straight and as flat as a pancake! Maybe try the light version of Moroccanoil? Xxxx

  • Yiotou_La

    Love your hair!! Mine is so difficult to grow, it reached to a certain level and does not grow anymore! I use coconut oil once a week!


    • Thank you! I need to try coconut oil. Have a read of my other post (linked in this one) as I swear by all my tips and tricks in that one. Also using Moroccanoil daily works wonders. Xx

  • Thanks for sharing your tips, your hair is gorgeous! I can never get mine to grow…
    I do have some Biotin vitamins at home that I was going to use so maybe I should give them a try 🙂

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

    • Thank you. Def give Biotin a try. I swear by it and so do many others I know. Xx

  • I have ordered some multivitamins because I want my hair to regain the thickness and strength it used to have. I have heard scalp massaging, clarifying shampoo and apple cider vinegar are great for keeping your hair healthy. My hair grows really fast I am just concerned about the density. Do you have any tips or product recommendations for restoring hair thickness? Thank you for sharing, your hair looks lovely by the way! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Blog Sale

    • Aw thank you Kiran. I think it all depends on why your hair became thinner in the first place, but as it was thicker and stronger previously vitamins that contain Biotin couid work wonders. Also if you follow all the tips and tricks in my post that’s linked in this one (How to Grow Your Hair Long) that should make a big difference too. In terms of creating the illusion that hair is thicker I love Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray and Elvive Fibrology shampoo and conditioner. But these are just temporary fixes! Xx

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Such a lovely hair!! Thanks for sharing your tips!!
    Mónica Sors

  • Your hair looks beautiful, so healthy and long indeed! Thanks for sharing what you do to maintain your hair’s health, while promoting growth. I tend to use argan oil the most, but I’ll have to look to add in some Moroccan as well! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far, beauty!



    • Thanks Jalisa! Moroccanoil is the brand name and it is argan oil. That said, I’ve never found one I like better than Moroccanoil. I’m always trying new ones too! Thanks for reading and have a fab Thursday! XXXX

  • Kate

    Your hair looks fab! Vitamin supplements are brilliant – I tend to take them for a few weeks whenever I feel like I need a boost. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  • Carmen Jny (carmitive)

    Oh that sounds amazing! I am glad it works – maybe I have to try this out too!
    xx, Carmen –

  • This is so good to know! I really want my hair to grow, but haven’t tried anything yet for it to do so 🙂 Just being pregnant, which seems to help!



    Novelstyle Blog

    • That’s pretty cool that being pregnant is helping! x

  • Dolce Nina

    Love your hair! xoxo

  • Wow I would love to try that oil if it works for you!

  • Your hair is gorgeous! I take Biotin daily but should try Moroccan oil!

    Doused In Pink

    • Thank you. Yes def try Moroccanoil. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. x

  • maria

    I had problems growing my hair from excessive bleaching and straightening with no heat protection, when I went to the hairdressers it was so damaged she had to cut it all off. I was so upset it made me start looking after my hair more and it’s so healthy now my miracle product has been palmers coconut oil treatment for damaged hair it’s amazing my hair still feels and smells great after 4 days

    • I’m so glad that you’ve found a miracle product to help you. Having all your hair cut off must have been awful! Palmers Coconut Oil sounds fab so I shall add it to my wish list. Thanks for reading. xx