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In The Shower | My Skincare Essentials

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In true beauty blogger style I’ve always wanted to write a ‘what’s in my shower’ post, and so today I thought I would introduce you all to the products that I use in the bathroom on a daily basis, with a focus on skincare. Whether it be intimate wash, exfoliator, moisturiser or eye serum, these are the essentials I just can’t go without….

In The Shower | My Skincare Essentials
1. The Body Shop | Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub* | 200ml  | £14.00  | Link
 First up is the Spa Fit Body Scrub. Think fake tan, and loads of it, and you probably get why exfoliator is something I really can’t live without. I’m always exfoliating in the shower, and recently I’ve rediscovered my love for this zesty, citrus and caffeine infused number from The Body shop.


2. Burt’s Bees | Orange Essence Facial Cleanser* | 120g  | £9.90  | Link
Having a cleanser to hand when I’m washing my face is an absolute must, and at the moment I’m totally digging the Orange Essence Cleanser by Burt’s Bees. Infused with orange oil and soap bark extract, it leaves my skin feeling so much more nourished than simply using a face wash alone. Used in combination with my favourite washcloth, I’m able to kiss goodbye to the days dirt and make-up that’s accumulated on my skin.


3. The Body Shop | Vitamin C Moisturiser* | 50ml  | £16.00  | Link
Sticking with the theme of oranges, another product I keep in the shower is my Vitamin C Moisturiser by The Body Shop. One of the final steps in my shower routine, applying moisturiser is an absolute must. This one in particular is amazing for waking up my tired, dull, grumpy skin. Trust me, I really need some of that right now!


4. Elemis | Absolute Eye Serum | 15ml  | £30.00  | Link
 No skincare routine is complete without an eye cream or serum, and my fave at the mo is the Absolute Eye Serum by Elemis. This little gem sits on a shelf in my bathroom, and just like my moisturiser, it’s one of the last products applied after I’ve had a shower. It’s the ultimate solution to combatting the dullness and puffiness under my eyes.


5. femfresh | Everyday Care Daily Gel Wash | 250ml  | £2.99 | Link
 Although I often change up the products I use in my every day shower routine, there’s one that always stays the same, and that’s my femfresh skin wash. I’ve been using this ever since I was a teenager because its low pH balance is perfect for my intimate, delicate and sensitive skin. Not just that though, I often also use it as an all over body wash, and have even been known to apply it to my face when I accidentally ran out of cleanser! Personally, I think femfresh is a bit of a multi-purpose product. Perfect if you’re off travelling somewhere, and are limited on space.


6. femfresh | Everyday Care Freshening & Soothing Cloths | 25 Cloths  | £3.49 | Link
 Talking of femfresh, another brilliant product of theirs is the Freshening & Soothing Cloths. Again, these are infused with a pH-balanced formula, and contain calendula and mallow extracts, which are great for cleansing your intimate skin. It doesn’t matter whether you’re chilling out at home, or busy and on the go, these are great for ensuring ultimate, long lasting freshness all day long.


What do you think of my ‘in the shower’ skincare essentials? Is there anything you’re tempted to try that you haven’t already?

Carly x

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