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Lookfantastic Beauty Box | February 2016

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This months Lookfantastic Beauty Box is the #LFLOVES Edition and it comes in the most adorable packaging. At least I think so, being a bit of a sucker for anything girly and pink. In the little magazine you’ll find tips on how to have the ultimate night in, a guide for choosing red lipstick, a recipe for Red Velvet Heart Pancakes and how to make Roses & Prosecco. It has to be said I love a glass of Prosecco!

Inside my pretty beauty box I discovered a few products that reminded me of my days in the salon. The first one is a cute little Denman Mini Keyring Brush. We always had these kicking around in the hair salons (full sized versions of course). Denman are the makers of the most classic styling brush you can get, so I’ll happily be carrying this around on my keyring now. The second is the Monuspa Relaxing Bali Massage & Body Oil. Again, I’ve worked with Monu products in the salon, and I really appreciate the gorgeous essential oils they use, and how natural their massage oils are. I don’t remember having this product in particular, so I’ll keep you updated on how I get on with it. The third is a bottle of KMS Color Vitality Conditioner. KMS is a high-end salon brand that I love, and am very familiar with from my days of working with hair. My locks are a bit over processed to say the least, so I’m sure this is going to work wonders for me.

The other three products in the box are a tube of Bliss Pink Grapefruit and Aloe Body Butter, a Hi Impact Brows Eye and Brow Perfector Palette and a Lord & Berry Matte Lipstick Pencil. I’ve already used the body butter and I love it. I like how it’s in a tube rather than a tub, so it goes on more easily in my opinion. The smell is devine, and it absorbs rather well, so this one gets the thumbs up from me. I haven’t tried the brow palette or the lip pencil yet, but if I like like them I’ll post a review for you all soon.

Have you tried the Feb Lookfantastic Beauty Box? If so, what did you think?

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