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My Acne Story

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Today’s post is an introduction to my experience of having acne. When it comes to my story there’s a lot to cover, so I’ve decided to make this topic an ongoing series. My main aim is to help others, so if you know someone that’s suffering with acne or generally having problems with spots, please point them in the direction of this blog….
I’m going to write these posts from several perspectives – my knowledge as a skincare therapist for over 15 years, my own experience of having acne (which eventually led to me taking Roaccutane) and the advice that I was given by my dermatologist. In this post I’m going to tell you a little bit about my battle with spots, that way you will be able to decide if you can relate to what I’m saying and make a decision on whether this series will be useful for you.
I struggled with my skin from around the age of 13, but at the time I don’t think there was that much wrong with it. Even so, I started covering my face with make-up, and I did it badly. My foundation was cheap, the wrong shade for me, and I applied it far too thick! As I got older I definitely had acne, however, it wasn’t as bad as some of the cases I’ve seen. At beauty school they told me it was just teenage acne. They said I would grow out of it. So why at the age of 21 was I still getting these hideous spots that felt so sore? So many questions went around my head:
Were my skincare products the wrong type for me?
Was I eating the wrong food?
Did chocolate cause this? (I was a real chocoholic!).
Did alcohol play a part?
Could the contraceptive pill be to blame?
Am I stressed out and this is causing it?
I didn’t know where to start. Having acne is a nightmare. It took me ages to get ready because I had to spend a long time trying to cover my skin with concealer and foundation. Luckily on most days it was manageable, but there were times where no amount of make-up could make me look any good. At least that was how I felt inside. Sometimes I just didn’t want to go out and face the world.
The stupid thing was my acne wasn’t that bad. I would only ever have about 10 spots at any one time, and maybe 10 spots that were healing and probably another 10 blemishes from previous spots. Yes I did count them sometimes, because I was trying to assess how bad my acne was! The spots that I had were really painful and were rather large. So it was a problem, and it was all I could see when I looked in the mirror!
People can be really mean too. My first beauty salon was inside a hairdressers and I would often give a client a manicure while they were having their hair done. This one lady was having a manicure and she took it upon herself to loudly state ‘OH MY GOODNESS YOU’VE GOT SPOTS!’. All the clients turned around to look at me. The hairdresser that was blow-drying her hair tried to make a joke of it and started saying silly things like ‘lets play dot to dot’. I was totally humiliated and embarrassed, and found myself muttering something about needing more cotton wool. I quickly went into my beauty salon, shut the door and cried my eyes out! I was so upset. She had said it in a way that was full of disgust. Like it was my fault. Like a beautician should not have spots. I just stood in my salon thinking sarcastic thoughts like ‘thanks for informing me, I hadn’t noticed’. I had to quickly pull myself together. I must have only been gone about 3 minutes, and I held my head high and went back out there and continued with the manicure.
Another time a client of mine said to me ‘you know, you really should give up eating all that fried food, and you won’t get spots anymore’. Good one! I was only about a size 8-10. Hardly a fry-up junkie! Anyway I can look back at it all now and laugh, although it was horrible at the time. From about the age of 23 my acne was gone and I rarely get spots now. There are many things that have helped me and I want to share my knowledge with you.
If you’re suffering with acne right now please remember – it won’t be forever and there are so many amazing treatments out there these days. There will be something that works for you.

Carly x

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