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Since writing about what’s in my maternity hospital bag (you can view that here) I have also had to create a C-section hospital bag list too. As with the other one I thought I would write a post just in case some of you guys need ideas or want to copy and paste.

I’ve had to remove some things from the other bag list and then add extras here….


Pink Unicorn Long Sleeved Vest: Baby Gap | Available here. 

Cream & Gold Stars Long Sleeved Vest: Baby Gap | Available here.





Maternity notes including birth plan


Phone charger

Juice cube & charger


Camera charger


Car park / vending machine change

Notebook & pen (to write feeding & nappy change times down etc).

20 maternity pads (10 Maternity Pads – link & 10 Tena Lady Extra – link).

(I’ve heard that Boots are the best however I’ve tried and tested the Tena ones a lot and they are amazing so I’m taking both!).

Nursing pads (Lansinoh Nursing Pads – link or Tommee Tippee Nursing Pads – link).

(I accidentally bought both and don’t know which are the best!).

Paracetamol / Ibuprofen for after the birth

Laundry bag


Earplugs (BioEars – link).

2 Towels

Books and magazines

Clothes for in hospital:

3 night shirts (I bought shirts some from Primark in the biggest size available!).

2 Maternity nursing vests (Maternity Grey Nursing Cami – link).

(I bought a few cami tops and went for a size 12 to make sure they fit around the chest!).

6 Pairs of XL pants (Purchased from Primark).

(Previously I had packed some massive pants a few sizes up, however with a C-section the aim is to avoid anything touching the scar so I’ve now bought some that are so big they’ll never be anywhere near it! I think cheap and cheerful is the way forward here as these will only be thrown away).

Dressing gown (Grey Fuzzy Dressing Gown – link).

Slipper socks.

Slippers (Grey Loungewear Slippers – link).

Flip flops (Black Rocket Dog Sandals – link).

(I’ve been advised by many people to take a pair of flip flops to wear in the shower at the hospital. Apparently they can be a bit grim. That said, I was there the other day and the room we were in was immaculate. Still, I’m not going to take any chances!).

My going home outfit:

Maternity bra (Black & White Wrap Nursing Bras – link).

The XL pants as discussed above!


Maternity nursing vest (Maternity Grey Nursing Cami – link).


XL leggings (From Primark).

(Again, I’ve bought 5 pairs of massive black leggings that won’t go anywhere near the scar!).

Wash bag:

Disposable toothbrush (Wisdom Regular Toothbrushes – link).

Mini toothpaste (Colgate Toothpaste – link).

Mini shampoo (L’Oreal Fibrology Shampoo – link).

Mini conditioner (L’Oreal Fibrology Conditioner – link).

Intimate shower gel (Femfresh – link).

Intimate wipes (Femfresh Wipes – link).

Cotton pads (Essentials Cotton Wool Pads – link).

Cotton buds (Johnson’s Baby Cotton Buds – link).

Unscented Deodorant (Mitchum Unperfumed Roll On – link).

Tangle Teezer Hairbrush (Pink Tangle Teezer – link).

Comb (Pink Rake Comb – link).

Hairspray (Silvikrin Mini Hairspray Max – link).

Makeup bag:

Make-up including tweezers & sharpener

Headband (Wide Jersey Headband – link).

Hairband (Invisibobble in Crystal Clear – link).

Little mirror (Small Folding Travel Mirror – link).

Nail file (Salon Smooth Nail Files – link).

Skincare bag:

Facial Wipes (Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes).

Facial wash (Mama Mio Balancing Facial Wash – link).

Eye cream (Mama Mio Brightening Eye Serum – link).

Moisturiser (Mama Mio Brightening Day and Night Cream – link).

Body oil (Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Oil – link).

Nipple shields (Tommee Tippee – link).

Nipple cream (Lansinoh – link).




Baby’s red book from HV’s

Nappy sacks (My Little Star Nappy Bags – link).

Anti-bacterial wipes (Wet Ones – link).

Nappies (One pack of size 0 & one pack of size 1 – link).

Wipes (Water Wipes – link).

Cotton pads (Essentials Cotton Wool Pads – link).

5 Muslins (Patterned Muslin Cloths – link).

Bibs (Soft Newborn Bibs – 10 Pack – link).

Nappy rash protection cream (Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment – link).

Cellular blanket (We have one by The White Company – link).

(This blanket is by far the softest I’ve come across. Perfect for our newborn baby).

Baby blanket

1 Swaddle blanket (Our baby has this one – link).


Baby clothes:

6 short sleeved vests (3 x new baby, 7.5lbs & 3 x up to 1 month, 10lbs – link).

6 long sleeved vests (3 x new baby, 7.5lbs & 3 x up to 1 month, 10lbs – link).

3 sleepsuits with integrated socks and mitts (3 x new baby, 7.5lbs & 3 x up to 1 month, 10lbs – link).

2 Hats (thin cotton ones) (My first white interlock hats – link).

Scratch mitts (2 Pack Scratch Mitts – link).

Our baby’s going home outfit:

Pink Heart Baby Embroidered Sleepsuit (JoJo Maman Bebe – size – newborn (up to 10lbs) – link).

Pink Heart Baby Short Sleeved Vest (JoJo Maman Bebe – size – newborn (up to 10lbs) – link).

Pink Heart Embroidered Baby Hat (JoJo Maman Bebe – size – newborn (up to 10lbs) – link).

Pramsuit (White Cloud Pramsuit – size – first size – (up to 9lbs) – link).

Extra outfits (just in case we need them!):

Gold Star Embroidered Sleepsuit (JoJo Maman Bebe – size – newborn (up to 10lbs) – link).

Gold Star Embroidered Baby Hat (JoJo Maman Bebe – size – newborn (up to 10lbs) – link).


For Ollie (my fiancé!)

Disposable toothbrush (Wisdom Regular Toothbrushes – link).


Other essentials:

A baby car seat set up and ready to go in the car. (We bought the Maxi-Cosi Rock – link to go with our iCandy Peach – link).


Advice from friends:

Get Ollie to download a contractions app.

Put everything in clear bags with labels (thanks Nela!). This will make it easier for Ollie or the midwives to find.


Please let me know if you think I’ve missed anything!


Carly x



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