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Even though I work from home I love nothing more than ending the week by chilling out on the sofa. Recently Panasonic got in contact with me to discuss what I consider to be my perfect night in. I was asked to visualise myself in front a Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV and think about what helps me to relax. Not a difficult task as that’s pretty much what Ollie and I do every Friday night….


Here’s how I create my perfect night:

Take a relaxing bath or shower

The minute I finish work I jump straight in the bath or shower. There’s nothing like taking off your makeup and feeling all fresh and clean to help you relax. More often than not I’ll give myself a mini facial as well. I exfoliate, apply a face mask and then once I’m out I put on eye cream, serum and moisturiser too.

Get cosy in my PJ’s

Call me an old granny, but there’s nothing I love more than lounging around in a set of pyjamas! So once that shower or bath is done I’ll put on my fave pair all ready for the night ahead. I don’t care if it’s only 6/7pm. I’m feeing all cosy and ready to switch off and that’s the way I’m gonna stay!

Disconnect from social media

Talking of switching off, it’s at this point I usually have one last check of my iPad and phone. After that I try to disconnect from social media because in my line of work you’re pretty much on it for most of the day. I either put my phone away upstairs or switch it off completely. It’s the only way I can truly relax.

Light some candles

Another way I like to chill out is by lighting one of my favourite candles. At the moment I’m burning one by Yankee Candle called ‘Snow in Love’. I find this a great way of setting a really relaxed and chilled out vibe. Around this time I’m starting to get hungry though so it’s time to think about getting some food.

Order a takeaway

Ollie and I call Friday nights ‘Chinese night’ because we always ring up and get one delivered to the house. I usually order something pretty random like chips and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce and Ollie has smoked chicken with egg fried rice. We also get mini vegetable spring rolls to share and a couple of cans of coke.

Indulge in some alcohol

More often than not there will be some kinda alcohol involved. That might be a bottle of rose, gin & tonic, cider or even pina colada when we can be bothered to make it! Either way by the time our takeaway as been delivered you can guarantee we’ll be pretty chilled and hanging out in our favourite space.

Settle down on the sofa

We have a lovely corner sofa in our living room and it’s our favourite place to wind down. After the takeaway has been demolished you can find me on one side all wrapped up in a fleece blanket (I told you I’m like an like an old lady!) and Ollie will be on the other. Usually with his feet by my head!

Watch TV

Whilst hanging out on the sofa we like to watch YouTube channels, usually starting with Delos as we love to catch up on their vlogs. Following that there might be a bit of La Vaga and various other sailing videos too. Then back to regular TV for whatever’s on at the time. Often we’ll watch a movie and that’s us in position for the rest of the night!

What’s your idea of a perfect night in?

Do you like to go out or stay in on a Friday eve?

Carly x

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