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Overcoming Bloggers Block

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Bloggers block. It’s happened to us all at some point I’m sure. I remember telling a blogger that I’ve never had it before. That was about 18 months into my blogging journey. Fast forward a few years later and I find I do get it from time to time. I used to think bloggers block was when you didn’t have anything to write about. Now I realise there’s more to it than that, because I always have ideas ready to go. However, there are times when I get a total mental block. When that happens, here’s what I think I should do….

Overcoming Bloggers Block

Take a break

Sometimes I’ll be preparing a blog post and I find it just isn’t happening. I’ll start off with one idea, and it’ll keep changing because something’s not quite right. It’s at that point the procrastination begins. This is a really unproductive road to go down, and I’ve learnt that it’s better just to take a break. Even if it’s for an hour, because by the time I go back to work my idea is right on track. I’ll make full use of my hour off, giving myself that wax that is overdue or an eyelash tint! Now I’m not saying you should do something like that (unless you’re a beautician or that’s the kinda thing you like to do!). My point is, make full use of the time, but pick something that you don’t need to think about too much. That way your ideas will come flooding in. A whole blog post can literally come together when I’m sat there waiting for an eyelash tint to take!


Google ‘blog post ideas’

Maybe I’ve taken that break, but still don’t know what to write. It’s not happened to me yet, but if it did I would try Googling ‘blog post ideas’. I always see bloggers posting lists, and in the past I’ve written a few myself. Here’s some I’ve seen doing the rounds recently:

30 Post Ideas for Spring for Every Blogger by The Sunday Girl 

20 Blog Post Ideas for Spring by Dorkface

25 Unique Blog Post Ideas for Spring by Makeup Savvy

25 Blog Post Ideas for Spring by Beauty Life Becca

….and if books are your thing? Dana from Wonder Forest has published one with 365 Blog Topic Ideas


Change location

If I found my favourite bloggers couldn’t inspire me I think I would try changing location. I currently work from home in my lovely blogging room, but sometimes I get cabin fever. I think taking myself off to my local coffee shop might just do the trick. As long as they have wifi I’ll be good to go. Or I could use tethering on my phone. Failing that I would just work offline, and publish my post later.


Use my ideas book

Talking of publishing later, most of my posts are scheduled well in advance, and something that helps me to keep on top of this is my ideas book. My head used to be filled with all my beauty advice and potential posts I could create. It would quite literally drive me crazy. I’m a really creative person, which is wonderful but I can’t keep these ideas floating around in my mind. So the solution was to create an ideas book. Now whenever I become inspired I make a little note in my pad.


Respond to requests

My pad also has a section for special requests, so I often write blog posts based on those. But there’s no reason why I need to wait for requests to come in. I should make the most of social media, and go out there and ask my readers what they want. After all, this blog is primarily for them. On that note, if you have anything in particular you would like me to write about please e-mail me, or leave a comment in the section below!

There’s so many ways to overcome bloggers block, this barely tips the iceberg! Is it something you’ve ever suffered with? If so, what did you do? Let’s help each other out with lots of ideas.

Carly x


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