Do you remember back in April when I rediscovered my love for Paul Mitchell? (if not, you can read all about that here). Well, they’ve just released a brand new limited edition range called United in Pink to support the national non-profit organisation Bright Pink. Too many people are dying from breast and ovarian cancer and Bright Pink focuses on educating women about early detection and prevention of both. This is a subject that’s very close to my heart for many different reasons and that’s why I’m really keen to help raise awareness of this incredibly worthwhile cause….


 United in Pink Range: Courtesy of Paul Mitchell


Did you know that the most common type of cancer diagnosed in women is breast cancer? According to Bright Pink, 1 in 8 women will develop it at some point in their life. That’s a pretty heart-breaking statistic when you think about it. My nan was one of those women. I’m so grateful that she’s lived to tell the tale. Then there’s ovarian cancer. 1 in 67 women develop this in their lifetime and two thirds of those die from it. Just recently I was told I have a lump and have to have a biopsy just to make sure. I think it’s going to be fine, but what about those people who find out it’s not? Prevention and early detection is so important and Paul Mitchell have created the United in Pink range to help educate, support and empower women by directing them to Bright Pink. Here’s some of the tools and products available if you fancy showing your support:



United in Pink Blowout Kit with Free Sculpting Brush and Bag. I absolutely love this. Firstly there’s the bag it all comes in which is perfect for me because it’s clear. I like to be able to find my products easily, especially if I’m in a hurry. Secondly I’m a massive fan of the girly pink design, in particular the really cute heart on the zip. This kind of thing wins me over every time. Inside the bag itself there’s the Extra-Body Daily Shampoo and the Extra-Body Daily Rinse (conditioner) which I’ve already tried and I could feel my hair shafts swelling as soon as I began to shampoo. Anything for a bit of volume I say. Then there’s the Thicken Up Styling Liquid, which I must admit I haven’t tried yet – but will keep you all posted, and lastly the 413 Sculpting Brush – which can be used on wet or dry hair. It’s great for detangling, sculpting and styling too.

United in Pink Super Skinny Serum. Again, I’ve not had the chance to try this, but it’s said to leave the hair shiny, silky and free from frizz in all kinds of weather. According to Paul Mitchell the product is made up of silicones that condition and seal. I can’t wait to wave goodbye to those annoying fly-away hairs!

United in Pink 427 Paddle Brush. This is brilliant for creating volume. I tend to flip my hair in the opposite direction that I want it to fall, then blow-dry it that way to ensure even more body. Once I’m done I flip it back and use the paddle brush to smooth it all down.

Products by the Paul Mitchell United in Pink range are available in all good salons now.

You can check out the Bright Pink website to assess your ovarian and breast cancer risk here.

I know it’s all a bit deep, but I really hope you guys haven’t been affected by the topic discussed in this post today. Please feel free to share your thoughts and stories below. 

Carly x


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  • I haven’t tried their products before! This range looks really cool

    Beauty Candy Loves

  • I love this post thank you for such a great post ! I am not a fan of his shampoo didn’t like how it made my hair feel after a while of using it, but I’d buy this hands down. Why because my mom is a breast cancer surviver for now about 6 years and we like to support is much as we can !! Thanks again for such a lovely post xo !!

    Katie |

    • That’s brilliant Katie – I’m so happy for your mom. I agree that we need to support this wonderful cause. Which shampoo did you try just out of interest? X

      • It was the clarifying shampoo 3 one, don’t get me wrong I loved how it made my hair feel. Just I think it would be better for someone that was doing sports or swimming because it took that gross feeling out of my hair from swimming when i did use it after. I wouldn’t mind trying a different one from another line to see how I feel after maybe using a different one though, because I just used it for the first time and I had mixed on that particular one.

        • Ah yes, it’s probably just a case of finding which line suits your hair best. Xx

  • Emily

    Bright Pink sounds like such a fantastic organisation and what a great idea for Paul Mitchell to raise awareness! Cancer is such a scary thing for all of us, everyone has been touched by it in some way or form. I love the blowout kit, I feel like it would make a really lovely gift for someone!

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