Hey guys! Today we’re celebrating 37 weeks of pregnancy which means I’m full term and officially ready to pop! Our baby girl could make an appearance at any time and we cannot wait to see her little face….


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It’s crazy because this time last year I was also pregnant and little did I know I was about to go through a horrific missed miscarriage. An experience that seemed to go on and on and I didn’t fully recover until the end of December 2017. Now here we are with another little miracle that has made it to full term. I honestly didn’t know if the pregnancy would make it this far.

In fact, I’ve been so cautious this time around that I didn’t buy a single thing until I was 5 months gone. It was only then that I started to think there is some hope and this pregnancy might actually work out. Previous to that I was incredibly anxious, trying to do everything in my power to stop anything from going wrong.

The reality is that this pregnancy is going very well. A realisation I had at about 6 or 7 months and only then did I start to calm down. Just a bit! Anxiety and past experiences are never going to allow me to relax and I doubt I’ll be fully happy until she’s here and in my arms.

That said, we’re so lucky in the sense that the NHS are giving us the most amazing care. We have a consultant and midwives that go above and beyond what they need to do and part of our treatment has meant we’ve ended up having extra scans.

A few weeks ago (at 35 weeks) this little one was weighing an estimated 6lbs 5ozs! Which is pretty much the weight I was when I was born. Yes, I was what’s known as a ‘tiny baby’ but still, it reassures me that our little girl is probably doing just fine. Anyway, for those of you that are interested I’ll be sure to keep you updated as much as I can!

Have you ever experienced any of the above that’s been mentioned in this post?

I would love to know if anyone can relate!

Carly x



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