Yay! Summer has well and truly arrived and I’m all about bright, colourful nail polishes right now. Thankfully Rimmel have just released their Super Gel Beach Ready Collection so we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to pretty nails. Available in 5 different shades the new Super Gel polishes deliver an intense gel-like formula and there’s no UV lamp required….RIMMEL SUPER GEL BEACH READY COLLECTIONRIMMEL SUPER GEL BEACH READY COLLECTION

Super Gel Beach Ready Collection: Courtesy of Rimmel.

L-R: Flamenco Beach | Sun Fun Daze | Coral Queen | Dive Right In | Purple Splash | Top Coat


The nail varnish itself is really easy to apply which is partly down to the smooth texture of the polish and the lovely wide brush. Rimmel recommend skipping a base coat to use 1-2 coats of Super Gel followed by the self-curing gel top coat.

I tend to apply 2 and can easily cover my nails in 3 strokes on the first layer. It’s the same with the second, but this is when I take a bit more time to perfect the look. Once the top coat is on the polish really comes together and I’m left with a gorgeous, glossy gel-like manicure.

In terms of wear Rimmel say that Super Gel lasts for up to 14 days. Unfortunately I’ve not had the chance to test them for that long. Mainly because this is a first impressions post, however being a beauty blogger I never really get the chance to leave my nail polish on that long anyway. My favourite is Coral Queen which is a warm peachy/orangey toned shade and so far, so good. I guess I’ll have to keep you updated on how I get on!

Have you tried any polishes from the Super Gel range? If so, did they last 14 days?

If not, which colour do you like the look of the best?

Carly x


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  • Kel

    These are such lovely summery colours – my favourite is Dive Right In! x

  • I really like this range, I love the lilac shade the best! I don’t find it lasts as long as 14 days but it does last longer than the average polish for me!

    The Makeup Directory

    • That’s great Sally! I need to give it a longer test! xx

  • clare⭐

    such pretty colors! love the lilac one 🙂


  • Nice colours! never tried their polish but my friend has she thinks there ok

    Sheer Beauty Blog

    • I’m loving them so far but still need to do the 14 day wear trial! xx

  • I love rimmel nail varnishes, all of these colours are super pretty and vibrant x


    • They’re perfect for creating those summer beach vibes! Thanks for reading. xx

  • Violette

    These colors are great! I love the blue one!


    • I love the blue one too! Probably second best to the coral polish! xx

  • Rimmel nail polish are some of the best from the drugstore, I am also a huge fan of the brush which always give a streak free application. And gosh, look at how pigmented all the shades are and so pretty too!

    • They sure are! I love a nice wide brush. In fact, I tend not to purchase nail polishes if the brush is too thin. xx

  • Dive Right In is definitely my favourite! xx

  • Yiotou_La

    Wow look at these colours, so pretty and pigmented. I love them all but my favourite is Coral Queen and Flamengo Beach. I have been painting my nails in coral colour lately and I am obsessed! x


    • I’m obsessed with coral too! It’s my favourite colour. xx

  • These nail polishes from Rimmel looks really pretty

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • They’re so pretty! Perfect for summer days at the beach. : )

  • I love Rimmel’s products so I will have to try these out. The colours look really lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. <3 /Madison

  • Bernadette

    I love that blue shade! Blue and mint green shades are my favorite for nail polishes!


  • Natalie Redman

    Gorgeous shades!