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The Autumn Tag

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As I begin to hibernate all snuggled up in my slipper boots under a blanket each night, I realise that Autumn is definitely here. It’s not my favourite time of the year, as I’m more of a Spring/Summer kinda girl, but still, I guess there’s some things I like about it! Just as a little reminder I decided that today I would do the Autumn Tag….

The Autumn Tag C

Favourite drink
Cappuccino with soya milk, and a shot of Baileys for good measure!

Favourite scent/candle
Soft Blanket by Yankee Candle.

Best lipstick
At the moment I’m loving ‘Absolute’ by Lord & Berry.

Go to moisturiser
Avoplex Moisture Replenishing Lotion by OPI.

Favourite go to colour for the eyes
Currently a mix of ‘Walk of Shame’ (as an all over base), ‘Venus’ (on my brow bone and just down the sides of my nose), ‘Faint’, and ‘Naked 2’ all from the Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay, and ‘Satin Taupe’ by MAC in the crease of my eyes.

Favourite music to listen to
I’m a massive fan of Disclosure, and generally house/dance type music. I’m also loving Pia Mia at the mo!

Favourite outfit to wear
Skinny jeans and a jumper – very casual I’m afraid!

Autumn treat
Popcorn and Maltesers (mixed together!!! – Does anyone else do this?!!).

Favourite place to be?
Watching a movie with Ollie (whilst eating popcorn and Maltesers).

Can you relate to any of these? I tag you all! 

Carly x


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