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The Body Shop British Rose Collection

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If you’re a fan of the smell of rose then you’ll love the The Body Shop British Rose Collection. Their newly released English rose inspired range includes a selection of gorgeous products, all made with hand-picked organic roses….

The Body Shop British Rose Range

The British Rose Collection: Courtesy of The Body Shop

The Body Shop British Rose Body ButterThe first product I was introduced to is the British Rose Body Butter*, a rather indulgent moisturiser that’s designed for normal to dry skin types, and is said to give 24 hours of moisture. Once applied the skin becomes petal-soft and is left with a dewy glow. I would say the smell is sweet, yet subtle, and despite not being a massive rose-scent fan, I actually really like this. 

The Body Shop British Rose Range Eau De Toilette

The second product was the eau de toilette. Following an application of the body butter, I think it’s always a good idea to spray on some perfume if you want the scent to last even longer. That’s where the British Rose Eau De Toilette* comes in. Just like the body butter the fragrance is light, fresh and leaves the smell of British roses lingering on the skin.

The Body Shop British Rose Collection also includes the Exfoliating Soap*, Shower Gel, Petal-Soft Hand Cream, Petal-Soft Bath Foam, Exfoliating Gel Body Scrub, and the Instant Glow Body Essence. There’s also a few gift collections, and some make-up too.

The Body Shop British Rose Lip StainThe Body Shop British Rose Range Lip and Cheek Stain Swatch

The Body Shop have also recently released a new range of Lip & Cheek Stains. I’ve been loving Pink Guava* in particular, which is the most gorgeous shade of hot pink. It’s fairly light, so perfect for making my lips look bigger than they really are. Obviously because this product is a stain you have to work with it fairly fast, especially when applying it to the cheeks.

Overall, this is a beautiful range, and it has to be said I really love The Body Shop British Rose girly black and pink packaging. It’s totally up my street!

Do you like the look of this new collection? Is there anything you would like to try?

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