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The Body Shop | Drops of Youth

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 The Body Shop Drops of Youth 1

The Drops of Youth Range (courtesy of The Body Shop).

The Body Shop Drops of Youth range was designed to combat the first signs ageing, and has several different products, including the Bouncy Sleeping Mask and Concentrate, both of which I’m going to review today. When you get to my age it’s really important to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, so these have been much welcome editions into my skincare routine.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Review

Firstly, is the newly released Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask*, which comes in a sturdy glass jar, complete with a little spatula, and 90ml of product. Described as a ‘night cream – gel’, this mask includes Edelweiss stem cells, which are great for cell renewal. The texture of it is very thick, and a little goes a long way. The smell is pleasant and fresh, and every evening I apply some to my face, massage in, and wait for it to absorb before going to sleep. In the morning my skin feels amazing. I find this cream totally replenishes my dry and dehydrated face, and is especially useful for healing any spots or sore areas that I have. It’s moisturising and soothing, and the tightness I was suffering from has now gone. Overall I think this mask is incredibly good value for money, especially as I’m used to paying a lot more, for a lot less cream.

The Body Shop Drops of Youth Review

Next is the Drops of Youth Concentrate* which I’ve been using for a while now, and it has to be said, I’m really impressed with this too. It comes in a glass bottle, with a pipette style applicator, making it really easy to apply. The product itself is to be used like a serum, so I massage a couple of drops into my skin, before applying a day moisturiser, or the bouncy mask, when using it at night. Just like the mask, it smells really fresh, and is an absolute pleasure to have on my skin. As some of you might know, I have a combination skin type, and often struggle to find a serum that can be used in the morning. Anything that could potentially create shine is a no go for me, but this isn’t the case with this concentrate. The solution itself is fairly thick, and it’s quite unique, in the sense that it absorbs immediately after being applied. That’s a real bonus when I’m in a rush. My skin is left feeling really smooth, and I love the way my make-up looks now, because of how it’s enhanced the condition of my skin.

Both products have made my face look and feel so much more healthier than it was before. I was really suffering with a mixture of dry, peeling skin, whilst still having to deal with the oiliness of it being combination. That’s a whole lot of problems to deal with in one go, but when using the two together, it becomes so much more balanced. The bottle of concentrate is pretty much gone now, but I’m definitely going to buy another. When it comes to Drops of Youth, The Body Shop have got me hooked!

The Concentrate can be purchased here for £24.00, and the Bouncy Sleeping Mask here for £22.00.

What do you think of the skincare ranges at The Body Shop? Is there anything else you recommend I try?

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