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The Body Shop | Fuji Green Tea

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Ahhh, don’t you just love a cup of green tea? Well, I do anyway, and recently I’ve taken it to a whole new level, and started washing in it, scrubbing myself with it, and rubbing it into my skin! It seems like I’m not the only one. The Body Shop kindly sent me four products from their new Fuji Green Tea range way back in a March, and since then two have been completely used, and one has nearly gone. There’s someone else partly to blame for the disappearance of these products, and that’s none other than my fiancé Ollie! It became apparent that he was also indulging himself in this gorgeous stuff when we randomly had a conversation that started with ‘how do you wash yourself?’ Seriously, who does that? Weird. Anyway, just so you know Ollie’s clearly a big fan too, and here’s why…

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Blog Review

Sourced from the Mount Fuji region of Japan, The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea smells fresh and clean, and is incredibly uplifting. Every product leaves my skin feeling completely revitalised, and almost energised in a way. It’s pretty addictive, and there’s loads of different products in the range. The first thing I tried was the Body Wash*, a soap-free cleanser for the skin, that purifies and revives all at the same time. Secondly, was the Body Lotion*, a light, yet velvety solution, that absorbs instantly into the skin, leaving it moisturised, but not sticky.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Blog Review

Next up was the Scrub*. Now this was Ollie’s favourite. I knew he was using it because I kept finding the tub with the lid off. I’m glad he’s enjoying the perks of being with a beauty blogger, and who could really blame him? The scrub is great because it’s not too abrasive, but exfoliates really well. Not just that though. It makes a really good skin cleanser. Going back to the question of ‘how do you wash yourself?’, well it turns out this was it. This was Ollie’s ‘go to’ body wash. The last product I tried, and am still using, is the Body Butter*. Obviously it’s slightly thicker than the body lotion, and I suppose has a slightly more luxurious feel. It’s still pretty lightweight though, just has a longer hydration time I guess.

I wanted to be critical of the products in this range, because I know how you guys like to read the pros and cons in every review. But I honestly don’t have anything negative to say. Out of all The Body Shop products that I’ve tried so far, this range is one of my faves, so it gets a massive thumbs up from me (and Ollie!). You can check them out yourself by clicking on the links below:
Body Butter | 200ml  | £13.00  | Link
Body Wash | 250ml | £6.00 | Link
Body Scrub | 250ml | £15.00 | Link
Body Lotion | 250ml | £8.00 | Link
What’s your favourite range by The Body Shop?

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