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What I Got For Christmas | 2014 | #2

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New Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Renovation Project

Corner 4


I feel so proud of Ollie right now, because he made this kitchen, pretty much on his own, from scratch. On Christmas eve it was finally finished, and I can honestly say it’s the best Christmas present I’ve ever had. The fact that he created this himself, and worked every weekend for well over a year, makes it so special.

You guys probably don’t know, but we bought our house as a renovation project, and there’s not an inch of space in it that’s not been knocked down or knocked back to brick and been totally transformed by Ollie. When we bought the house, it had no central heating, and he put it in himself (with advice from our friend Mark). He knocked down the stairs and turned them around to create a bathroom in a place that was just a space with no floor. He turned the space under the stairs into another toilet. The builders said it couldn’t be done, but he proved them wrong. The home that he’s made for us is truly amazing, and although it’s not quite finished yet, it’s like a dream come true for me.

Kitchen TV Super Quiet Washing Machine Breakfast Bar ChairsCat Mate Microchip Cat Flap

My new kitchen has under floor heating, a sound system to die for (we like having parties here!), two ovens and a microwave oven, because I love cooking, and everything is integrated. That includes the bins, dishwasher and washing machine. Oscar even has a new fancy pants cat flap that locks and opens at a certain time (happy days – he no longer wakes me up in the mornings), and it tells us if he’s in or not! See the picture of the cat in the house? Yep – Oskie is in right now.

Heart Jars

There’s quite a few friends that have helped us out here and there along the way, and as we knocked down two rooms and a utility space to make way for the kitchen, the outside walls were rebuilt by a professional. Ollie is also rubbish at plastering (it’s about the only thing he’s rubbish at!), so we paid someone to do that. I don’t know if any of our friends will be reading this (it’s pretty unlikely), but just incase I want to thank Paul, Jamie, Griddy, Hillsy, Steve and Mark for all their help. Also Tris (Ollie’s brother and my very good friend) for his input, and beating the hell out of my old kitchen, when I jokingly said ‘go on Tris knock it down’. Yeah, I wasn’t quite prepared for that one (dust everywhere, all over my utensils etc). Never tell Tris to do something, even if you’re joking – because he will do it!
Knocking Down the Kitchen
Just so you guys know what I’m talking about – above is the before pic. What you can see used to be a bathroom, and the room at the back was our old kitchen. The bit on the right was the utility space and hallway. This picture pretty much shows the state our house has been in over the past eight years. Sometimes I don’t know how we have lived like it for so long! Still, there was light at the end of the tunnel – just look our my kitchen now. I must admit I’m feeling pretty spoilt nowWhen I was growing up we never had any central heating, and it was bloody freezing! Ollie and I have worked our butts off to get to this stage. day and night, no joke, for a very long time. Mainly Ollie actually – so thank you Ollie.
What do you guys think? Ollie’s a bit of a keeper isn’t he?

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