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YSL Full Metal Shadow

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I’m a little late to the party with these two since YSL kindly sent them to me at the beginning of last year (slap my hand!), but the good news is I’ve had plenty of time to give them a good trial. Full Metal Shadow is a range of 10 eyeshadows that were the first metallic liquid colour shades made by YSL. They were designed to be worn for 16 hours and are said to remain crease, flake and fade free for all that time. These super pigmented eyeshadows were formulated using 40% water which is said to give a ‘cooling effect’ and ‘pure colour payoff’. Let’s find out what I thought….

YSL Full Metal Shadow YSL Full Metal Shadow Swatches

YSL Full Metal Shadow: Courtesy of Yves Saint Laurent

My favourite of the two is Onde Sable, which is a pretty gold colour that gives a sheer metallic finish. It’s my own personal preference, but I tend to use my shadow brush to apply, rather than the applicator that comes with it. This way I have more control and the shadow is easier to blend. Onde Sable is a great for everyday use, and wears rather well. I can put it on first thing in the morning, and it definitely lasts all day without creasing. I love how the colour is really pigmented, yet kinda subtle when blended out, and overall it gets the thumbs up from me.

The second shadow is Aquatic Copper, and this one I don’t like as much. Again, it’s really pigmented, but a warm-toned copper brown shade, that’s not really my colour. The formula seems to be far more flakier than Onde Sable, and I struggled to find a way to wear it all over my lids. I’m really pale, so perhaps this colour would be more suited to someone with much darker skin. That said, it could work perfectly as an eyeliner if a different brush was used.

So there you have it, one I really like, and one I’m not so fond of. I think I would probably need to try out a few more shades from this range to come up with an overall verdict, and give the collection a proper review.

What do you think of YSL Full Metal Shadow? Is it something you’ve tried? 

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